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IE7 table cells made invisible by CSS cannot be made visible by later class changes (??)
Category : Web Design

Here are two test files:



The markup on those two page is all almost the same. There's a table with two columns. The <th> and <td> elements of one column (the second one) are all given the class "junk".

In the "good" pa

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How to Get Custom Made Steel Pins Made
Category : Hobbies, Games & Toys
If you find that your project needs a specific type of pin to complete the build, you may want to design and produce a custom steel pin. Steel pins are used for a variety of functions such as providing a pivot point, keeping components in place and providing a stop point for moving parts. While many different pins are made in both metric and standard to many lengths, a custom solution may be requi

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Custom Made vs. Tailor Made
Category : Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Those who can afford it indulge in having things and clothes custom made or tailor made for them. While a lot of times those two terms are seen as one in the same, they do have subtle differences that affect the quality of the item being referred to. More often, we hear of clothing--specifically suits--being custom or tailor made. Custom Made DefinitionAccording to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary,

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Difference Between Wine Made of Juice & Wine Made of Fresh Grapes
Category : Food & Drink
If you're considering making your very first wine, you will probably be thinking about the easiest way to produce your first batch. There are two main options: making wine using fresh grapes or using grape juice. There are several advantages and disadvantages between the two. DescriptionThe juice concentrate to make wine is preserved with sulfur dioxide and then pasteurized to give it a long sh

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java PrintCompilation output: what's the meaning of “made not entrant” and “made zombie”
Category : Programming Languages

When running a Java 1.6 (1.6.0_03-b05) app I've added the -XX:+PrintCompilation flag. On the output for some methods, in particular some of those that I know are getting called a lot, I see the text made not entrant and made zombie.

What do these mean? Best guess is that it's a decompilation step before recompiling either that method or a depen

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Am I imagining things? List being made a reference to a second list instead of being made a copy of the second list
Category : Programming Languages

This code seems to be making _cleanRepositoryCollection a reference to _currentTextFile.RepositoryCollection instead of making it a copy of _currentTextFile.RepositoryCollection:

_cleanRepositoryCollection = _currentTextFile.RepositoryCollection;

The datatype is List<Repository>.

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MYSQL - Selecting existing users who have not made an entry in the last 3 months, but have made an entry within the last 6 months
Category : Databases

After several hours of searching I'm finally giving in and asking for help. I've found something that gets me close, but doesn't seem to be working properly.

Basically looking for users who uses us between 3-6 months ago, but haven't in the last 3 months.

For the sake of the example lets say I have two tables named event(id, clientFK, insertion_date, officeFK) and client

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Is there a problem with importing a SWF movie made in AS3 into a SWF movie made in AS2?
Category : Web Design

I haven't tried yet but am curious if I should even bother.

I have a legacy AS2 swf that I don't want to rewrite in AS3 but I need to improve upon it to play video, and I'd prefer to use the AS3 video playing mechanisms.

Ideally I can build an AS3 movie that just takes a string param of the movie location and plays it. I'd load this AS3 swf into my AS2 movie and pass i

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The Difference Between Lab-Made Diamonds & Earth-Made Diamonds
Category : Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Until recently, if you wanted to simulate the appearance of a diamond, you had to purchase an inexpensive substitute such as cubic zirconia. Today's laboratory grown diamonds, which are also known as "cultured" or "synthetic" diamonds, offer a higher quality gemstone that is recognized as a diamond by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). HistoryResearchers discovered how to make diamonds

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How to Make Mosaic Stepping Stones Made With Grout & Pre-Made Stepping Stones
Category : Home & Garden
Creating your own mosaic tiles adds intrigue to your garden. Even kids can make a stepping stone mosaic, with some help. Using a pre-made stepping stone as a base for your mosaic will give you an outline of how big it should be, and will help you ensure your mosaic is durable enough to withstand wear and tear outdoors. Whether you plan on actually walking on these stones or using them for decorati

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