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How to Increase My Mafia Size in Mafia Wars
by FlyOnTheWall43 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Mafia Wars," an online game available on the social networking sites MySpace and Facebook, lets you live out the fantasy of being a mobster without the worry of getting arrested. Perform hits on rival mafias, complete jobs, run businesses and collect weaponry in this mafia simulation game. Having a large mafia family improves your chance of success in this game. With a big mafia, you'll

How to Promote your Top Mafia in Mafia Wars
by mikeymikec in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Got suckered into joining your friends mafia on Myspace or Facebook? As you know by now, the game is truly addicting. Learn to promote your top mafia members correctly to help advance you through the levels quickly with the least amount of harm. Here's how!Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
A lot of free time to support your new addiction

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What are the Highest Bonuses for Top Mafia in "Mafia Wars"?
by malbojah in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The social network game "Mafia Wars" allows players to recruit their friends in a virtual crime family. The player must earn cash and experience points by successfully completing jobs, heists and fights against other players. A high-ranking player can appoint friends to specific roles within his family. Each of these six roles has a bonus for both the player and the friend. MastermindThe Master

How to Level Up Fast In Mafia Wars: Mafia Wars Tips
by Johan_B in Internet
Regardless if you use MySpace or Facebook, there is no question that you have played, seen or at least heard of Mafia Wars. Mafia Wars is a browser based persistent online game that has become quite popular with a lot of social networking sites. You spend your time completing missions, gathering cash and loot, building a mafia empire and causing all sorts of trouble. The ease of use and relatively

About the Mafia
by Poland in Culture & Society
"Mafia" is the common term to describe a secret crime organization created in Sicily that came to America as part of the massive wave of immigration from Europe in the latter part of the 19th century and early 20th century. The Mafia is also known as La Cosa Nostra, which translates into "Our Thing"-- underlying the extremely secretive qualities of the organization. HistoryThe exact origins of
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How to Get Your Own Mafia IRC Bot
by DOOR3 James in Computers
Mafia is a party game that is also often played online. The game is also sometimes called "Werewolf." The game involves having two Mafia members who then have to convince the other villagers that they are just normal villagers themselves, and get them to kill off everyone else through a series of voting. if you want to play "Mafia" on IRC using a bot to run the game for you, you can download one t
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Mafia PC Games
by toutatis in Computers
Mafia PC games place the criminal organization in a digital environment and allow players to control both familiar and original characters, and families. Games in this genre not only provide a peak into a member of the mafia's world, but each allows players to interact with and control figures in the mob. Players can portray a hitman, driver or the leader of a mafia family. Mafia: The City of L
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Mafia DOS Games
by Venezuela in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The dangerous glamor of organized crime--particularly the Italian mafia--has long provided inspiration for filmmakers, novelists and game designers. Game designers have made many games featuring the mafia, including several on the MS-DOS platform. If you're wanting to seek out older computer games from the DOS era that feature mafia criminal characters and stories, there are several types of title
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Mafia Games for PS3
by taekeun in Hobbies, Games & Toys
There are several genres of video games available for the PlayStation 3, such as fantasy and science fiction. One genre is Mafia-style video games, which involve a crime syndicate or orgaizatios as the central figure of the storyline. There are a number of Mafia games for the PlayStation 3. Mafia IIK Games presents "Mafia II," the sequel to "Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven."
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Cheats for Mafia V1.2
by Stuka in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Mafia V1.2 is a video game that is more commonly referred to simply as Mafia. (V1.2 simply refers to the PC version of the game and its version number.) Released in August 2002, Mafia was developed by Illusion Softworks and Gathering. It is a historic action adventure game in which you play a character named Tommy, a man working for the Mafia in the 1930s. There's a variety of cheats you can use w
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