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Including Magento's “prototype/windows/themes/magento.css” Across Versions
by arbeitandy in Web Design

I've got an Magento admin console extension that enables a model window across the entire Magento admin console. In Magento 1.7, I can include the factory default CSS file with the following


However, in Magento 1.6, this file isn't in the skin folder, it's in the 'js_css

Couldn't resolve host 'magento-community' error when installing Magento modules
by semicolonth in Programming Languages

I tried to install the Module Creator by using magento-community/Netz98_ModuleCreator and I get the Couldn't resolve host 'magento-community' error.

I then used a website to download the extension and install it that way, and I get this error for this file Netz98_ModuleCreator-1.0.0.tgz.

CONNECT ERROR: Package file is invalid

How to approach dilemma: export orders from old magento system import into new magento, overlapping IDs
by Taylon Silmer in Databases

During an upgrade from Magento 1.5 to 1.7 unfortunately we had to reinstall Magento (don't ask) and now I need to get all of the old order information into the live upgrade. I've researched several scenarios. First would be identifying the tables in the database they correspond to and migrating those tables over, but I have three issues with that. One: I already did a little bit of that and bec

Magento: Can not save attribute, kick back to magento admin overview
by Walruz in Programming Languages

once again i have a magento problem.

We have a attribute we can not edit anymore. If we want to add / remove options and click save (or save and continue edit), we get back to the magento mainscreen (no error etc) and the value is not saved. That does not happen for all attributes but for some.

I have no idea what the cause of this can be. Already emptied cache and delet

How to add Order print for magento admin? Magento>sales>orders>orderprint
by JEDIYoda in Programming Languages

I need to know a way of adding print order feature to magento admin.

For a custom magento module, is it ideal to store images in a similar database/filesystem structure to how Magento does it?
by Gianluca Riccardi in Databases

I searched for an image's file name in my mysql database for Magento, and I couldn't find it. Also the images are stored inside alphabetical folders as well as a cache folder.

Should I do the same for my Magento module? Is there any existing code in the Magento core that I should re-use?

If not, I'll stick to storing the image's file name in the database, and all uploads

Fishpig's Magento WP Integration — WP not using Magento Theme/Package
by John G in Programming Languages

I've successfully installed Fishpig's Magento WordPress Integration extension. I followed the instructions where you install via Magento Connect and had no problems. This is by the way all on the development server which does not have Caching or Compiling enabled.

The Magento cart is installed in the webroot directory and WordPress is in subdirectory "wp" as stated in Fishpig's inst

Is it possible to query the Magento database and display product attributes outside Magento?
by tayles in Databases

I am building a site that needs to display some product info from a Magento Database, but display it on another page/site outside the Magento intallation. I know the information gets displayed twice, but I would like the site to avoid content duplication and pull that same info from an only source, the Magento product database.

Is this posible? Has anyone done it?

Magento onepage checkout: Continue button not working in magento 1.7..
by thejunglegod in Programming Languages

magento 1.7
onepage checkout stuck after choosing a payment method. I have found a few solutions but none work. I don't really want to mess with the .js files unless it's a proper fix. seemed to work fine a few days back. No extensions installed since then.

Weinwerk Klimascout: Click here to view the site.
Thanks in advance!!!

MAGENTO - Registration form (+validation and callback) outside magento files?
by socurious in Web Design

I'm trying to integrate a php file inside an aplication that gives users the posibility to register an account. This account has to be registered inside a magento store.

This is what i have to this momment:

require_once '../../../app/Mage.php';

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