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How to Get a Job in Malaysia
by flakekun in Careers & Job Searching
Getting a job in Malaysia can be challenging, especially if you are a foreigner with dreams of working abroad in this nation either physically or remotely. However, there are ways to become employed in certain fields, including technology, education and medicine. Steps toward reaching a goal include getting hired with the right company, gaining access to a work visa, or perhaps even taking a bigge
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Tourism in KL Malaysia
by Carbito in Travel
As well as being a major international business hub, Kuala Lumpur attracts millions of tourists a year, with Euromonitor data placing it as one of the most visited cities on the planet. Alongside its dynamic commercial center, the Malaysian capital boasts a number of old and more modern tourist attractions, including markets, malls and museums. StatisticsHistoric and cutting-edge buildings stan
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How to Buy Shares in Malaysia
by ponchopilate in Personal Finance
Investing and trading publicly listed stocks in foreign countries presents the possibility to capitalize on an increasing number of opportunities outside the U.S. While investing in foreign stocks sometimes carries with it exposure to political, economic/currency and social risks, other avenues also exist to invest "ex-U.S." Malaysia, for example, is a strongly growing economy. Investing in Malay
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Malaysia Air Safety
by nipplefish in Travel
Air travel in Malaysia follows the recommended safety requirements for any country with a civil air industry serving an international market. Malaysia Airlines, the official, flagship airline for Malaysia, is known as one of the safest airlines worldwide. Governing Agencies for SafetyAccording to the US State Department, Malaysia has developed their civilian airline infrastructure along the reg
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How to Travel to Malaysia
by kakashi_ in Travel
Malaysia is a small nation nestled between Indonesia and Thailand, with pockets on different land masses adjacent to the coast of the South China Sea in Southeast Asia. You can travel there by land from Thailand, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia, by sea from Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines and Thailand or by air from a variety of other south Asian countries. Malaysia's official religion is Islam
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How to Become an IR Engineer in Malaysia
by Indonesia in Careers & Job Searching
Malaysian IR Engineers must complete a registration process. Becoming registered is essential to establishing your engineering career. In fact, by Malaysian law, no one can use the "Ir" designation or work as a professional IR engineer until the registration is completed. The "Ir" in IR Engineer is an abbreviation for Ingenieur. Professional engineers in Malaysia apply the designation before their

How to VoIP to Malaysia
by Jimzz in Computers
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to methods for voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet. Using a computer or VoIP device like a VoIP phone, a user can make phone calls to a contact in Malaysia free or for cheap international rates, depending on the device on which the user in Malaysia is receiving the call.Difficulty:EasyInstructions SkypeDownload Skype. Visit t
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DUI Penalties in Malaysia
by snapshooter in Culture & Society
Drinking and driving is a serious offense in the United States, but in the small southeast Asian country of Malaysia, alcohol laws take on a much more serious tone. Malaysian criminal law varies depending on which state the offense is committed in, as well as the religious affiliation of the offender. This is because, along with federal and state laws, Malaysia utilizes a dual-justice system that

How Do You Call Malaysia From the USA?
by CakeMonster in Travel
To initialize a call from one country to another, you must tell the telephone switch in some manner that you want the call to reach out of the country and state the country code. The switch interprets this differently for each part of the world. In USA, you must dial "011" before any international number to tell the switch that this call reaches outside the country. Sometimes, your phone has a plu
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Malaysia Bankruptcy Law
by Sivavt in Legal
Malaysian bankruptcies are very similar to those in many other countries, with a few key differences. Malaysia focuses on insolvency as the main qualifier for approving bankruptcies. Once a bankruptcy is filed, creditors are identified and lay their claims on the amount that they are owed. The claim process revolves around judgments from the assignee that the court has appointed in the case. In

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