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Mamma Mia Musical Games
by James Dio in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Transform a pleasantly scandalous and classic tale of a mother, daughter and three potential fathers into a game of intrigue and musical entertainment. Mamma Mia, a classic story, tells a tale of a daughter, Sophie, about to be married who wants to be given away by her father, though she does not know who her father is. She finds through reading her mother's diary that it is one of three men, all

About The Cooking Mamma Wii Game
by z1ggy in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Cooking Mama" for the Nintendo Wii continues the kitchen simulator series with a competition that pits chef versus chef. Players use the intuitive motion controls of the Wii remote to cook dishes step-by-step while another player or the computer does the same. The game offers dishes from 10 different nations, with several recipes from each food class. FunctionPlayers must take several steps to

How to To Have a Mamma Mia Movie Theme Party
by foghorn67 in Parties & Entertaining
Mamma Mia is definitely a chic flick . It is also a a upbeat movie that has a party atmosphere to It . The DVD is now on the market and comes with the sing along option. This makes it a really good movie to have a party with. I went to theater in England and participated in the sing a along and had a blast
Make it a ladies party night and have fun watching the movie with some of your fem

What is the Difference Between the 'Mamma Mia!' Musical & Movie?
by tanminivan in Arts & Entertainment
"Mamma Mia!" is a popular stage musical that had a big-screen adaptation in 2008. Backed by a huge ensemble of ABBA songs, "Mamma Mia!" tells the tale of Sophie Sheridan, a young bride-to-be who makes the shocking discovery that one of three men actually may be her father. As with all musical-to-movie adaptations, some differences result. Most of the songs in the film version differ their stage co

Greek Food Ideas for Mamma MIA Party
by Derek in Food & Drink
"Mamma Mia!" began as a musical stage play featuring the music of the band Abba. It was later turned into a musical movie starring Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried. The story surrounds the character of a young woman who uses her own wedding, on a Greek island, to try and discover the true identity of her father. Throw a "Mamma Mia!" themed party by either viewing the movie or listening to the sou

Tips on Attending the New York Broadway Show 'Mamma Mia'
by Icecold in Arts & Entertainment
"Mamma Mia," now in its eighth year, tells the story of a mother returning to her past and the men from it in preparation for her daughter's wedding. The show is playing at the Winter Garden Theater in New York City. Because of its longevity, tickets are more readily available than for a show such as "Billy Ellliot." However, proper planning and preparation can make seeing this show more of an exp


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