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How to Mix a Manhattan
by boomhower in Food & Drink
From the streets of Manhattan to the restaurants of Paris, a classic (and classy) cocktail. Serves one.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
cracked ice
2 oz. rye whiskey (or bourbon)
1/2 oz. sweet vermouth
1-2 dashes Angostura bitters (optional)
1 maraschino cherry
Cocktail Glasses
Cocktail Shaker
Cocktail Strainer


About Manhattan
by doctorbigtime in Travel
Manhattan is one of the biggest, busiest and most popular places in the nation. The nightlife goes on until the early hours of the morning, and it is commonly visited by many tourists every year. A lot of people say that they love to visit but would never want to live there. But after visiting a few times, they end up liking it so much that they end up moving there. Manhattan is definitely not for
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GED Schools in Manhattan
by Zack Harvey in Education
Whether you are a teen or an adult living in Manhattan and seeking your GED (General Equivalency Diploma), choosing a preparation program that meets your individual needs and schedule can be difficult. You have a lot of program choices in Manhattan. Many of the programs available to you are specialized to meet the needs of certain populations including at-risk youth, immigrants and others. If y

Hotels in Manhattan, KS
by tong in Travel
Nicknamed "The Little Apple," Manhattan, Kansas, is a true college town nestled in the heart of northeast Kansas' Flint Hills. About three hours west of Kansas City, Manhattan revolves around historic Kansas State University. Hotels fill up fast for home football games in the fall, and on parents' weekend and graduation in the spring, so when planning a trip to Manhattan, make your reservations in
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Gay Bars in Manhattan
by phokus in Travel
Many people live in New York City because it allows them access to forms of entertainment and nightlife that might not be available in smaller, less-populated areas of the country. The population density also increases the odds of finding other people who share the same interests, and there are bars around New York City with specific draws and attractions. Uncle Charlie'sUncle Charlie's is a ga
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Bar Lounges in Manhattan
by itsmegb in Travel
Manhattan nightlife has something for everyone, and its bars are a huge part of the after-hours scene. From boutique hotel lounges favored by celebrities in trendy areas like Soho and Chelsea to the quirky corner bars in Midtown, there's always a place nearby to have a quick beer after work or party the night away with friends. Flatiron LoungeLauded as a Critics' Pick by New York Magazine, The

The Best Manhattan Restaurant
by MikeT in Travel
Manhattan is known for its gastronomical experiences, but it can be hard to discern the best from the rest. The top restaurants all have common features that those in the know recognize: elegant atmosphere, palate-stretching menu, a star chef and knowledgeable staff. Per Se, arguably the top restaurant in Manhattan, is the quintessential example of gourmet eating in NYC today. Get ready to try som

How to Find a Job in Manhattan
by darko.topolsek in Careers & Job Searching
When unemployment is high, looking for work becomes a real challenge. Try to remain positive as you begin your job search in Manhattan. Times are tough, but some experts say that 2011 and beyond may be better for job seekers. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Bank of America and Merrill Lynch showed that one-half of all American CFOs expect their businesses to add positions in 2011. Develop a
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Art Schools in Manhattan
by skimple in Education
With its thriving arts culture and rich history of being associated with influential artists and art movements, it is no wonder that such a high concentration of art schools are located in Manhattan. Students who choose to study in Manhattan can find themselves within easy reach of hundreds of art galleries and the famous Broadway theatre district. Manhattan is home to many major art collections w

Nightclubs in Manhattan
by cautionsign in Travel
Nightclubs in Manhattan include sophisticated venues ideal for meeting trendy socialites, as well as low-key establishments offering funky dance floors and well-priced drinks. No matter what style of nighttime party atmosphere seems appealing, all of these nightclubs in Manhattan have something distinct to offer guests. Bar 13Bar 13 in Manhattan combines a lounge with a dance club.lampes rouges

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