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What Are the Differences Between Market Price, Market Value and Market Cost?
by Traveling around the world in Business
Goods on the market have a unique market price, market value and market cost. Because the words price, value and cost all have a similar meaning, many people think the market price, the market value and the market cost of an item are the same. Actually, these measures are quite different. Market PriceThere are two different measures of market price: what a good is bought for and sold for on the

Android Market install referrer is empty for installs from market. Is it a bug or normal behavior?
by rascator in Programming Languages

I've created custom broadcast receiver

It get referrer only when link is opened using android market app on the phone. When user install app from market website referrer is emtpy, but it present in market url.

Is it possible to fix it?

Stock Market Effect on Money Market Savings Accounts
by LadyCoconut in Personal Finance
Money market savings accounts are bank products that cater to people desiring to earn interest on liquid funds. Funds in money market savings accounts are protected by the Federal Depository Insurance Corp. The New York Stock Exchange trades stocks and bonds that are not FDIC-insured. The performance of the NYSE has no official connection with money market savings accounts, but its performance aff

How Are Market Demand, Market Potential and Sales Forecasting Related to Each Other?
by Virginia in Business
Estimating the market demand and potential is an important part of the product planning process. Companies will only invest in projects that earn them a sufficient return on investment; properly forecasting sales and market demand will require a lot of time before a company invests in a new project. Larger companies will devote entire departments to researching and developing products based on con

Are the U.S. Stock Market & Credit Default Swap Market Related?
by Serbia in Personal Finance
A credit default swap (CDS) is a contract in which one party pays a fixed amount of money at agreed-upon dates to its counterparty to buy protection against the event of a default by a third party, the reference entity. If the reference entity does default while the contract is in place, the protection seller must make a large payout to the buyer.
There are many connections between the CDS

How to Grow Your Manufacturer's Market Share in a Stagnant Market
by Matt1970 in Business
Stagnant markets present special problems for manufacturers, as the lack of growth prospects makes it hard to justify investments. A market tends to be stagnant when it is mature. Products in such markets can be a little outdated and old-fashioned. Manufacturers tend to advertise such products rarely or not all, making it hard to increase market share. With the right strategy, however, a manufactu

Identifying market and non market apps on android device
by Bulk Beef in Android

I want to filter market and non market applications installed on android device.How can I do this...


Localize Application icon for UK market and for USA market on iTunes
by onurtopcu in Mobile Programming

I'm trying to figure out a way of localizing the application icon (Icon.png) for the US Market and the UK market for my app I want a different type of vehicle picture for the uk rather than the US for instance.

This looks quite easy to do the info.plist and localize for English to French for instance but I couldn't figure out a way to do it for UK to USA.

In app it's eas

How to Calculate Book-to-Market Ratio in the Stock Market
by foghorn67 in Personal Finance
Getting down to the core of the financial health of a company is imperative when all the information can overwhelm an investor. One important component is the calculation of Book-to-Market Ratio of a corporation.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Ascertain the Book value of a company. Book value is the price of an asset minus any depreciation that is declared. The book value of a company is total

How Does the Bond Market Affect the Stock Market?
by orneka in Personal Finance
Investment decisions require the analysis of many interdependent considerations. Prior to a decision to buy stocks, most investors should consider whether investment dollars might be better put into alternative asset classes such as commodities or bonds because the total return is greater. Directly affecting stock prices is the general level and broad trend of interest rates. Investors must always


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