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How do meshes, sub-meshes, materials, sub-materials, textures all relate to each other
by Colin Henry in Web Design

What bothers me is that I can't figure out how exactly meshes, materials, textures actually relate to the composition of a model.

All I want is a quick explanation on how they relate to each other.

Materials Used for Dry Ice
by frozentundra123456 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Carbon dioxide occurs as a gas at normal earth temperatures. Dry ice is the name most often associated with frozen carbon dioxide. The temperature must be minus 79 degrees Fahrenheit, or lower, to create dry ice. It is often manufactured as a pressurized liquid and then later allowed to expand and freeze to meet client needs. Food and MedicinePerishables are often shipped with dry ice even for
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The Best Art Materials
by Juncar in Arts & Entertainment
A good artist needs good art supplies. The more mediums an artist works in, the more supplies he needs. While virtually any impression-making tool can be used as an art supply (especially in avant garde art), the best supplies for conventional art fall into a few basic categories: paints, brushes, surfaces, and erasers. BrushesPaintbrushes are used to apply paint to canvas. Paintbrushes come in
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What Materials Are Used in Modern Art?
by Tim Tyrrell in Hobbies, Games & Toys
With Modern art, the materials used depend on the preferences of the artist. Whether she is a painter, sculptor, videographer, of photographer, the medium determines the types of materials that are being used. Practically anything imaginable may be used within all of the distinct branches of visual art. PaintingPainters use paint to express their ideas in a real-life, hands-on way that photogra

What Materials Are in Astroturf?
by CookingCoder in Home & Garden
Artificial turf, initially used in areas where grass could not be grown, was developed in the 1960s. Unlike natural grass, AstroTurf is durable and does not require water or much maintenance. AstroTurf is made by the AstroTurf Manufacturing Co., and was initially produced under the name Chemgrass in 1964. PolyethyleneUsed in AstroTurf since the late 1990s, polyethylene provides a soft grass-lik

What Materials Do Pediatricians Use?
by skulldrinker in Careers & Job Searching
Doctors in pediatric clinics use some of the same materials general practitioners use. However, some materials are specifically for smaller patients. Pediatricians are doctors who can specialize in the treatment of those who are newborn to young adults. As a result, they must use materials that aid in the diagnosing of illnesses and diseases that affect young populations. OtoscopePediatricians

Most Absorbent Materials
by MikeG in Education
Science has created extremely absorbent materials; two good examples are sodium polyacrylate, a powder, and an extraordinary material called aerogel, which appears to resemble frozen smoke. Nature has also produced absorbent materials, including sea sponges -- used for many centuries for cleaning and bathing -- and clay, which when dry is great for absorbing all kinds of liquids, even hazardous m

How to Add More Materials in 3D Studio Max
by Sivavt in Computers
3D Studio Max by Autodesk is an advanced 3D modeling and animation toolset that allows you to create complete 3-dimensional worlds with quality rivaling that of game and movie production firms. A large part of the quality attainable using the program is due to 3D Studio Max's material library. The material library allows you to skin any object created in the program with a scan of any material obj

The Best Composting Materials
by droom in Home & Garden
Composting is a simple way to add nutrients to your garden soil, increasing the health and productivity of your plants while reducing household and garden waste. Whether you create your own compost, borrow it from a neighbor or buy it from a local nursery, keep in mind that not all compost is created equal. The Best MixThe best compost is a mix of carbon-rich "brown" materials and nitrogen-rich

How to Use Natural Materials for Art
by Switzerland in Arts & Entertainment
Using natural materials for art dates all the way back to the Stone Age, with its infamous cave drawings. Rocks, sand, dried leaves and flowers, twigs and even sea shells are all wonderful art media. Natural material art projects range from kid's craft level (decorated pine cones and sand bottles) to professional sculptures (stone or mud with hay.) To use natural materials for your own art, a wond

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