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How to Add Indices in Maths
by ChrisMe in Education
Indices in algebra are also referred to as powers or exponents. According to Math.com, indices tell how many times a number should be multiplied by itself. They appear as tiny numbers to the upper right of an integer. These exponents are often used in algebra to help solve algebraic equations. They also indicate when a number is squared, or to the second power. Indices can be added, subtracted,
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What Maths Do You Need to Be an Engineer?
by git in Business
Math is an integral part of each engineering discipline. Many aspects of the design process, from concept to final product, rely on mathematical precision and standardization. Engineers use most every branch of mathematics, from calculus to mathematical applications developed specifically for engineers. Even if math isn't an integral portion of an engineer's job, an underlying knowledge of mathema

Maths Day Activities
by baylisscg in Education
For schools looking to encourage parent involvement and interaction, there are ways to provide families with an opportunity to visit the classroom and see what their children have been learning. One idea is to plan a Math Day for students to showcase their math skills. Games and activities can be set up in each individual classroom or in a larger area such as the gymnasium. Plan a variety of games
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Maths operators
by China in Programming Languages

I have this method which will generate a random maths expression solve it and output the answer to a variable:

public int Nov2()
char[] ops = new char[] {'+', '-', '*', '/'};
int i = rand.nextInt(4-0) + 0;
char op1 = ops[i];
int novnum1 = rand.nextInt(101-1) + 1;
int novnum2 = rand.nextInt(101-1) + 1;
int nov2result = 0
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3d maths in Flash AS3
by Isaac in Programming Languages

I'm trying to code a 3d wall like

The shape I am looking to create is like a bath or arena where it is a curve cornered rectangle with sloping sides.

The image below shows what i'm trying to achieve if viewed from above. I hope that helps.

Can anyone give me some ideas on the maths to create

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PHP Maths on SQL Data
by jkjambo in Databases

im not sure if this is php or mysql maths question.

Ive got a table full of data, and although i can echo the individual data to the screen or echo and individual piece of data using php. I've no idea how to perform maths on the data itself.

For simplicity, say my table has 4 columns, an id column and three with my data i want to multiply in them, data1, data2 and data 3

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PHP Maths Logic
by dormsbee in Programming Languages

I am trying to set a variable based on some maths logic (to wrap specific html around elements).

I worked half the problem, to hit 0, 3, 6, 9, 12

if(($i % 3) == 0) { // blah }

Now I need to hit the following numbers, 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, etc

What possible maths operation could I do to hit this sequence?

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Objective C Maths
by darko.topolsek in Operating Systems

How would I go about calculating a compound interest rate, so far I have:

double principal = [[principalLabel text] doubleValue];
NSLog(@"Principal: %lf",principal);
double years = [[yearsLabel text] doubleValue];
NSLog(@"Years: %lf",years);
double months = [[monthsLabel text] doubleValue] / 12;
NSLog(@"Months: %lf",months);
double days = ([[
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Matrix maths using SVG api
by RomanMtz in Web Design

For my current project i need matrix maths, all the basic stuff for 2d transformations. I know that there are frameworks like sylvester and so on, but I also found all the functionality I need in the SVG DOM api. So there is an SVGMatrix, a SVGPoint, a SVGRect and so on.

So here is my question:
If I create an memory-SVG, just for the purpose of being the factory for Matrices, P

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AS2 - Maths Transition Help
by Venezuela in Web Design

im making a drop down menu in flash and i want it to slide down. At the moment im using a linear slide ( _y += 5, _y -= 5) etc.

I know there are other types of transitions like exponential and the like, how would i go about implementing them? I also remember there was a website once that showed all sorts of slide animations in javascript using different techniques.

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