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matrix assignment from a matrix A to a matrix B using conditional statements based on a third matrix C
by 007ELmO in Programming Languages

I have two questions if you can kindly respond:

Q1) I have a matrix choice, where each person is making 4 of any possible choices, denoted as 1, 2, 3 and 4.
I have three matrixes A1, A2, A3 with income information for each person and each time period. Say I have n people and t time periods so A1, A2,

Is there any built-in type of matrix in CUDA for matrix and matrix-vector operation?
by pulkizine in Programming Languages

I want to implement some matrix–vector math. There are vector types like: float2, int2, but I cannot find any built-in type matrix in CUDA.

Is there a library that suitable for such operations?

Based on a matrix A, generate a matrix B with all possible multiplications of the columns of Matrix A
by riahc3 in Programming Languages

Say I have a matrix with 3 columns: c1, c2,c3, and I want to create a new matrix in which each column is any possible product of two of the columns of this matrix.

So, if I had a matrix with d columns, I would like to create a new matrix with d+d(d-1)/2+d columns. For example, consider the matrix with 3 columns c1, c2

Replace matrix values in a matrix with mean values extracted from a smaler matrix in matlab
by Wesley D. Radcliffe in Programming Languages

Lets say I have an 10 x 10 matrix. What I do then is iterate throug the whole matrix with an 3x3 matrix (except the edges to make it easier), and from this 3x3 matrix I get the mean/average value of this 3x3 space. What I then want to do is to replace the orignal matrix values, with those new mean/average values. can someone please explaine to me how I can do that? Some code examples would be a

Accessing a matrix element by matrix[(a, b), c] instead of matrix[a, b, c]
by seigel in Programming Languages

I want to achieve the following:

Have a AxBxC matrix (where A,B,C are
Access that matrix not as matrix[a,
b, c] but as matrix[(a, b), c], this
is, I have two variables, var1 = (x,
y) and var2 = z and want access my
matrix as matrix[var1, var2].

How can this be done? I am using numpy matrix, if it makes any difference.

I know

How to store Sparse matrix for a matrix-vector multiply when some boundary condition values are known?
by dougbeal in Programming Languages

I have a sparse matrix that represents a 3D rectangular space. Along some of the boundaries, I know what the value is going to be (it's a constant). The other boundaries may be reflective, differential, etc.

Should I just set the problem up as if all the boundaries were say, differential, and then go back and set the nodes in the solution vector b to be the constants?


find row wise index of specific elements in a matrix and populate another matrix
by keird in Development Tools & Services

I have a matrix of 10 stock returns for 100 days ( 100 rows and 10 columns ) . I am applying the following operations on it.

I have used loops which takes a very long time on a bigger data set. I'm sure this can be simplified using array operations.

1) select the top 3 and bottom 3 values in each row and store the index of the values in a "select" matrix (also a 100x10

Is there a way to get a parametric solution to matrix using matrix solver from some lin. algebra java library?
by icode.cs in Java

All the matrix solvers I've come across require the matrices to be square and invertible, but what about matrices that are not square and have multiple solutions...how would I go about finding a parametric form of this using java?

Java. Writing a matrix in a file using column information. ( matrix transposition )
by Switzerland in Programming Languages

I have a file in which a matrix is stored. This file has a RandomAccessFile type. This matrix is stored by columns. I mean that in an i-th row of this matrix an i-th column (of a real matrix) is stored. There is an example:
i-th row: 1 2 3 4 (in the file). That means that the real matrix has an i-th column: (1 2 3 4)(is transposed).

I need to save this matrix in a natural way (

Eigen decomposition of a matrix of form W * diag(S) * W' for matrix exponential in MATLAB
by miceno in Programming Languages

W is a tall and skinny real valued matrix, and diag(S) is a diagonal matrix consists of +1 or -1 on the diagonal. I want the eigen decomposition of A = W * diag(S) * W' where single quote denotes transposition. The main problem is that A is pretty big. Since A is symmetric, rank deficient, and I actually

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