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Maya/Python Assistance! Anyone familiar with Maya API?
by Platinumjsi in Programming Languages

So..what I'm trying to do is change the reference (i.e. to a file C:/User/Desktop/file01/Cindi.ma)..how would I use the Python code to change that reference to C:/User/Desktop/file02/Cindi.ma? Any help appreciated

How to Use a Maya Tie
by Bado in Parenting
Ring slings allow you to carry your baby hands-free with ease. They are popular with parents because they can be easily adjusted to fit multiple wearers. If you have purchased the Maya Tie ring sling, also called the Maya Wrap, knowing how to thread it through the rings and correctly position your baby can make wearing the sling easier and more comfortable, too.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructio
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How to Use Maya Shading
by Disco_TechnoStu in Computers
Maya has amazing capabilities that can accomplish almost any CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) project you might have. This is why for professionals worldwide, it is the premier program for CGI work. One thing that Maya does particularly well is texture shading. The shading controls in Maya allow the user to make a rendering appear realistic, abstract or even cel shaded like a traditional cartoon,
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Maya 7 Tutorial
by doubledeluxe in Computers
Alias' Maya 7 is one of a long line of products released for the creation of professional level 3D models and animation. With an easy-to-use intuitive interface, Maya 7 can help you to bring your 3D visions to reality, whether it's a single pictured scene or a complex animation complete with special effects. By understanding the basics of Maya 7 you can begin to build upon that understanding, lear
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Maya 8.5 Tips
by DrMrLordX in Computers
Maya 8.5 is an updated version of the popular Maya graphic design program. The Maya software is a feature-rich 3-D animation, graphics and effects program that has been awarded for its remarkable set of visual effects features. Designers, architects, video game developers and filmmakers are just some of the people using Maya 8.5 in design projects. Change the Start ScreenIf the Maya start scree
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Maya animation in Three.js
by n3. in Web Design

I'm trying to get my Maya animated walk cycle into three.js. I have exported the animation with the model into the .dae format, changed the path to my model in the example. My model is being loaded, but it doesn't do any animation. What could be the problem? My main goal is to create a character who walks with WASD as his walk cycle is being played.

What Is Maya Software?
by Pennsylvania in Computers
Maya software, originally created by Alias-Wavefront, is a digital production program used for film, game design and web multimedia production. Both multimedia professionals and students use software like Maya for animation or special effects. Early MayaAlias-Wavefront introduced Maya software in 1998. It was innovative in its ability to create lifelike characters and produce state of the art s
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Learning Maya 3D
by Meg in Arts & Entertainment
Maya is a complex software package built to support the computer animation, game development and special effects industries. If you're a driven learner, you can teach yourself how to master its tools and, from there, you'll only be limited by the bounds of your imagination. Getting StartedThe first step in learning Maya is to get your hands on the software. Autodesk currently offers a 30-day
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About the Maya Indians
by Pennsylvania in Culture & Society
Maya Indians were a civilization of people living in Central America for several hundred years. The Maya Indians' culture reached its peak during the seventh and the eighth century. During this time, the Maya developed a writing system and an accurate calendar. Mayan farmers used highly-advanced farming methods, as well. HistoryAncestors of the Maya are believed to have occupied Mexico's Yucata
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How to Uninstall Maya 8
by The_Eclectic1 in Computers
Autodesk's Maya 8 software provides advanced tools for architects, designers and graphic artists, making it possible for them to create 3-D animation and other visual effects. Like many of Autodesk's applications, Maya 8 contains many files and components that install to your computer when you install the software. If you want to uninstall Maya 8 from your computer so that all of the files and com
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