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CSS: How do I set <link media=“” /> as inline CSS with @media if the media type is a phrase?
Category : Mobile Programming

How do you set as inline if it's not one of the words listed on the single word media types? (http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS2/media.html#media-types)

<link media="only screen and (max-device-width:480px)" href="iphone.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />

The handheld media type is ignored by the iPhone, but I'd imagine the external call above would be in

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How to Troubleshoot Connecting the Vista Media Center With the Intel Viiv Media Server
Category : Computers
The Intel Viiv Media Server lets you distribute personal media files from various online services and the user interface of certain applications to other devices verified by Viiv technology and connected on your personal network. One of the issues that you may encounter with Viiv Media Server is its inability when connecting to your Windows Vista Media Center. You can resolve this issue by manuall

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Null media experience when playing videos from a plugin in windows media center
Category : Operating Systems

In our windows media center plugin we use the PlayMedia api to play Videos. This is the documented API by MS for playing videos and is documented in the SDK.


AddInHost.Current.MediaCenterEnvironment.PlayMedia(Microsoft.MediaCenter.MediaType.Video, path, false)

In Vista, consistently, after this call we have a media experience ready for us in:

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How do I Transfer a Media License From Windows Media Player to a Palm Centro Card?
Category : Computers
Palm Centro is a smartphone that uses a microSD card like most other mobile devices. You may use the microSD card to store a backup copy of your Windows Media Player (WMP) license files. You can use these backup files to restore purchased content in the event of a hard disk crash or system failure. Note that you will need administrative rights to perform this task.Difficulty:Moderately Challenging

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Navigation of a recorded file to media element or media player launcher
Category : Programming Languages

I've created an audio recorder for wp7. In that i actually used a listbox(named as filesListBox) to show the recorded audio files and if the user click on any file, then it simply plays the audio(Not by MediaPlayerLauncher). It worked perfectly.

private void filesListBox_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e)
string filename = (string

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Get details of currect media file playing in android media player
Category : Android

Is there any way to get the details of media files that is executed in android(default) media player?


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android: how to display the URL of a media file stocked on a media server with cling upnp stack
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using Cling upnp stack java, and I detect all upnp devices with my android control point, then i browse a media server and i list the media files ( video, audio ..) .
this code display the name of file that i clicked on it like ( videoname.mp4 ), i want to display all the URL, like (

how can i do this ?

public void on

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Problems Turning on Media Sharing on Windows Media Player
Category : Computers
Windows Media Player allows you to share pictures, audio and video with users on the same home network. Though this is a convenient way to share files throughout your home, you must have the media-sharing options set up properly to assure the items can be used on other computers and consoles in the home. If the Internet is not working, you will also not be able to share files.Difficulty:ModerateIn

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How to target a specific screen size using @media media query?
Category : Coding

I am new to responsive design, I am toying with twitter bootstrap responsive.css now. And I am encountering some trouble with my project.

The trouble is, my left column won't collapse (if that's the right term), or won't stack up. What I want is, the left column shall shift below the span8 column and resize it's width. What it does for now is, left column's width decreases and squee

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Android browser media player (stagefright?) displayed media name
Category : Programming Languages

When the Android browser opens a media file it can play, the built-in (stagefright?) media player opens up to stream it. A title for this media is displayed on the player dialog, based on the URL.

The URL in this case was The media player simply uses the last part of the path as its title.

Is it possible to ch

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