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How to Use the Meeting Wizard Tool to Plan a Meeting Date
by Mossy B in Business
Meeting Wizard is an internet tool that provides meeting planning services for free. The basic tool requires that the meeting organizer and meeting invitees have email accounts. To start using the tool as a meeting organizer, you must sign up for a free account by entering some personal information including your email address and selecting a password. When you enter the site in the future, you wi

How to Record a Meeting With GoTo Meeting
by Erik Ordway in Computers
GoTo Meeting is a web seminar program developed by Citrix Systems, Inc. The program allows meeting organizers to host virtual meetings and conduct presentations. The GoTo Meeting software includes a feature that allows you to record meetings. You can then view these recorded meetings at a later time, or share them with colleagues who missed the presentation.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions

The Differences Between a Face-to-Face Meeting & a Virtual Meeting
by legendma in Business
A face-to-face meeting is a meeting at which everyone involved is in the same room, while a virtual meeting is a meeting in which the participants are in different areas but interacting through electronic means such as a telephone, chat rooms, or other means to connect people via the Internet or phone lines. This is the major difference between a face-to-face meeting and a virtual meeting, but the

How to Run a PTO Meeting
by Jason Merrill in Education
The Parent-Teacher Organization, also referred to as the PTO, is an organization that gives parents the opportunity to be involved and informed about what occurs at their child's school. The PTO holds meetings at least once a month. Meetings are held after school during the afternoon or evening, depending on the schedule of those involved in the group. Running a PTO meeting is not difficult at all
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How to Use Go to Meeting
by dfrolov in Internet
GoToMeeting is a web-based service from Citrix Systems that allows employers, employees, clients and customers to meet online from anywhere in real time. Collaborative meetings are made easier with meeting hosts who have access to tools that allow them to share their screen with meeting attendees. This is ideal when sharing PowerPoint presentations, documents, sales forecasts and more.Difficulty:E
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How to End a Meeting
by jazzyfox in Business
Just as there is a certain protocol for beginning and running a meeting there is a certain protocol for ending a meeting. Whether its a training meeting, board meeting, or other event, learn how to end it properly and effectively.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Even if you included the training or meeting steps in a typed agenda that was handed out to participants at the beginning of the event,
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How to Win a CSE Meeting
by Enar in Education
Winning a Committee on Special Education (CSE) meeting as the parent advocate of a child with special needs is not a pleasant undertaking. Even though it stands to reason that the best academic interest of the child is on the hearts and minds of all involved, more often than not the parent finds that as an advocate for the child she might be in a minority. Getting the other attendees of the meetin
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How to Run A Meeting
by chr6 in Careers & Job Searching
For many, being called to a meeting is not a welcome occurrence. In many workplaces, workers spend copious amounts of time in meetings that all-too-often effectively accomplish nothing. Instead of allowing the meeting you run to blend in with the rest of the worthless -- and perhaps even painful -- meetings that attendees may have previously experienced, set yours apart by effectively planning for
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How to Get Through a Bad Meeting
by Bruce in Careers & Job Searching
Although meetings are necessary and essential when sharing information among staff members, solving issues, creating best practices, planning and decision making, they are thought of by many staff members as anything but productive, according to the article, "Managing Meetings," published by the North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services. If not managed properly, meetings can be difficult
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How Do I Set Up a Net Meeting?
by Iceland in Computers
Microsoft Net Meeting is a software program offered with Windows versions 95 through XP. With Net Meeting, you can enjoy voice and video conferencing with other Net Meeting users anywhere in the world. Prior to having a video meeting or chat, however, you must set up Net Meeting.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Sound card
Speakers or headset
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