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How to Mentally Entice a Man
by ArmHead in Relationships & Family
A man's biggest sex organ isn't what he thinks it is. Instead, it's his brain. If his brain is attracted to you, his thoughts cannot but follow, because a man's mind does what his brain tells him to do. To mentally entice a man is, therefore, to bypass his thinking mind and appeal to his primitive brain.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
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How to Exercise Mentally
by Victorian Gray in Education
To keep yourself healthy, you need to do more than just physical exercise. Mental exercises keep your mind sharp for many years to come. If you continuously exercise your brain, you diminish your chances of developing mental disorders, like dementia. Keep your mind sharp by exercising mentally.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Complete puzzles. Puzzles sharpen the mind and test your ability to figure

How to Push Yourself Mentally
by raghu78 in Education
There are going to be times in your life when you want something very badly. It could be a big screen TV, or losing weight and becoming fit. You're afraid you won't be able to afford the purchase or develop the necessary discipline to begin a fitness program. Your fears are cutting you off at the knees before you even make the attempt. You have to learn how to push yourself mentally to reach your

How to Be Mentally Strong
by S Hall in Health
There are many benefits to being mentally strong. Your confidence will automatically increase, as will your ability to make sound decisions. Difficult situations, such as illness or work related stress, can be managed much easier if you are mentally strong.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Practice meditating. You simply have to turn your thoughts inward and relax in order to meditate. Breathe de
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How to Get Stronger Mentally
by Pete in Health
There is no technical definition for mental strength; it is defined differently by each person. For some people, mental strength may be the fortitude to survive multiple tours in a war zone. For others, it may be the ability to overcome the stress of a 60-hour work week. Mental strength is the ability to challenge and overcome adversity in order to achieve a positive outcome. Work towards becoming

How to Toughen Yourself Up Mentally
by tong in Health
Being tough isn't solely about physical power. Toughness is also about having mental strength. Possessing a strong mind can help you achieve in life, whether you are a professional athlete or a student studying for a major entry exam. Develop your mental strength in order to become a person who has valuable qualities such as determination, persistence, tranquility, passion, patience and dedication

Art Activities for the Mentally Ill
by fedorafennec in Arts & Entertainment
The Romantic movement of the 19th century introduced the idea that mental illness allows an individual access to possible artistic genius. Art therapy uses art in combination with talk therapy to help people who have mental illness. Whether a therapist uses a simple drawing project or a complex craft, art is a means of healing. Painting and DrawingTraditional painting and drawing is a simple me

Fun for the Mentally Challenged
by cengel4 in Careers & Job Searching
Entertaining the mentally challenged is not very difficult. It does, however, require a different set of skills than entertaining others, and to guarantee success it is important to keep these skills in mind. EmpathyPut yourself in the shoes of the mentally challenged. Understand what their lives and perceptions are like when you're planning games and activities. This usually means simplicity i

Ways to Help the Mentally Challenged
by massmedia in Health
in 1971, the United Nations adopted an international declaration on the rights of mentally disabled persons. These rights include the right to fair and adequate legal representation, freedom of religion, the right to assemble, protection against discrimination, the right to work and be paid fairly and the right to an education. Individuals can help the mentally challenged by ensuring they enjoy th

How to Work With the Mentally Challenged
by htcg1htcg1 in Careers & Job Searching
Caring for people with intellectual disabilities, also known as direct care or direct support work, is a challenging and rewarding career for those who bring the right tools--patience, empathy and good sense. Direct care can include anything from the most basic personal hygiene needs to assisting clients with vocational, medical and legal issues. As society has moved from an institutional to a com

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