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Nice Menu module for Drupal: Sub-sub menu overrides sub-menu. CSS issue
by Stringjam in Web Design

On this page http://bit.ly/T3yJIH, Nice Menu module for drupal does not show sub-sub menu properly. You can see it if you go to the first item in the menu and then go for the first one in the sub-menu. (Facilities->Spring->Calendar) Calendar item shows inside of the Spring sub-menu. I have been playing with css, could not get it worked. Any solutions?

How to keep the Parent menu hovered while the mouse in child menu in a Dropdown Menu
by ChristianM in Programming Languages

I am trying to create a dropdown menu. It working well. I want the top menu when hovered truns into white color. when moving down to the submenus, the top menu should stay in white color. But the top menu turns into its normal original color.

How to keep the parent menu hovered while moving mouse in the submenus.

The code is here:



jquery to toggle sub-menu but keep sub-menu open if sub-menu page active
by changke in Web Design

Just trying to dive into jquery and forgive me if this has already been answered. Searched but couldn't find an example relevant to what I'm trying to do.

I have a vertical menu with some sub menus. It is working that when the top level menu is clicked the sub menu opens up. The problem is that I would like the sub menu to stay open when one of sub-menu items is clicked. As it is no

How do i get menu events from a menu item in the system menu of a console window?
by zac in Programming Languages

I have added a menu item to the SystemMenu of the console window of my application which i created using the AllocConsole() function. but I could not figure out how to process the events for the menu items I've added.

How can i process those menu events?

Thank you

How to keep the Parent menu hovered while the mouse is in child menu in a Dropdown Menu
by Peter H in Programming Languages

Hi guys i wonder how to keep the parent menu hovered while moving mouse in the submenus.

I'm a beginner in jQuery and I like you to help me with some tip/suggestion.


jQuery Code

// Navigation Slide //
var navHover = function () {
$("#S" + this.id).animate({top: '-40px'}, 300, 'swing')

How to disable browser context menu on Ext.menu.Menu's items?
by vik in Web Design

Assume I have a menu (Ext.menu.Menu) with some items. When menu is shown user cat right-click on it's item and browser context menu will be shown (with elements like "Save link as...").

How can I disable that browser context menu? Globally in all Ext.menuMenu instances if possible.

How to remove the Start menu banner(bitmap image) from the Sub menu of the Start menu- Windows CE 6.0?
by AndyD2k in Programming Languages

Previously i have asked the question in the below link,

Windows CE 6.0 R3 - Start Menu Banner

I have solved that problem by modifying the previous one into the code below CASE ODA_SELECT

I just used the BitBlt method to redraw the bitmap here.

if ((lpdis->itemState & ODS_SELECTED) && lpst->idM

how to load style for sub menu item of a menu item which is placed inside a context menu in wpf?
by takuya in Programming Languages

or tell me a solution to this scenario - :
In a button click(not right click, only left click) a menu should appear with sub menus displayed when mouse over the main menu items.(Important All menu items should be loaded at run-time/dynamically

Actually i did it in this way and its working,
1. I created a button and in its click event i opened a context menu.
2. The co

How to keep the hover for Parent menu and set the selected menu item css for child menu item?
by Matt Croydon in Programming Languages

I'm using cssfriendly control adapter for menu. My asp.net menu control's data source is a sitemap file I'm using which contains all the urls.

I have the following questions:

Is there a way to keep the parent menu item hovered while hovering over the respective child menu items?

Is there a way to keep the child menu item selected? I am able to set the css for

Dropdown menu showing gap in between menu and sub menu?
by bikefixxer in Web Design

I am customizing wordpress twentyeleven theme. Here is the link for the reference . Here you can see when you hover on menu it will show the dropdown . But you can see there is a gap in between parent menu(company) and sub menu. So how to clear that? Any help and suggestions will be highly appreciable.


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