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ice:messages (h:messages) showing messages which are already displayed in a component's ice:message (h:message)
by Fenix Drakken in Programming Languages

I'm working with a fairly large codebase using JBoss 5, Seam 2, JSF 1.2, ICEfaces 1.8.2.
Every page has a ice:messages tag at the top with a globalOnly="false".

I have a need to use a per-component ice:message, so a message would appear right next to a field. That works fine but a message also appears a second time when a global ice:messages

How to check number of pending messages or all messages are processed or not in ActiveMQ using mule flow
by albenik in Programming Languages

I have a requirement to stop the ActiveMQ connector if all messages have been processed in the queue. This needs to be done in Mule flow.

As shown below, I have two connectors one for reading and other for writing on vci.staging.queue. I want to check if all messages are processed in the queue then disable the reader connector.

Below piece of script to use client.reque

Apache MINA Server messages outflow (Client messages inflow) architecture
by Rahulmax in Programming Languages

Understanding the Server/Client architecture illustrated in the user documentation for Apache MINA - Server Architecture and Client Architecture - is pretty straightforward.
It only covers the messages inflow on the Server side and the messages outflow on the Client side though.

I have done some research to find proof of the fact that the messages outflow on the Server side wo

Listview that shows unread messages in bold and read messages in normal font in C#
by ArmHead in C & C++ & C#

I have list view that I use to display SMS from my GSM modem. I am reading the port for messages, parsing them and then displaying them. The format that I get when I read messages are:

+CMGL: 5,"REC READ","IA-612345","","2012/08/04 11:54:00+22"
Some text message

Code that I use to parse:

public ShortMessageCollection ParseMessages(string i

Posting short messages to twitter and long messages to gmail using ACTION_SEND
by shortylickens in Programming Languages

Using ACTION_SEND it's possible to post messages to various sharing services such as gmail, facebook, twitter, etc. Most services have reasonably long message lengths, but twitter in particular is very short (140 characters).

Not knowing in advance which service a user is going to select once the Intent.createChooser() dialog appears, is there a way to construct an intent that will

Form Validation Messages in ASP.NET MVC2 - using images instead of text for error messages
by FrankSaucedo in ASP & ASP.net

OK - at the moment, to validate my pages I am using [Required] in my model in an MVC2 C# project.

For eg in my model I have:

[Required(ErrorMessage = "Please enter a Username")]
public string UserName { get; set; }

... and in my view I have

<%=Html.ValidationMessageFor(x => x.UserName, "*")

Retrieve database messages (e.g., “Print” statement outputs but not error messages) in ADO
by Anderson in Databases

I use ASP 3.0 on IIS 7 and SQL Server 2008 as my dbms.
I have a stored procedure coded in SQL Server. I have some "Print" statements in it and also a select statement that throws out a recordset after the procedure is executed.
I can retrieve the recordset by using

Set recordSet = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")

recordSet.Open "Execute my_pro

Bourne Script: Redirect success messages but NOT error messages
by el-Capitan in Network & Servers

This command:

keytool -import -file "$serverPath/$serverCer" -alias "$clientTrustedCerAlias" -keystore "$clientPath/$clientKeystore" -storepass "$serverPassword" -noprompt

Will when it runs successfully outputs: Certificate was added to keystore

I tried redirecting the stdard out with:

keytool ... > /dev/null

How to create new messages properties file in JSF to add adeqate error messages
by MadViking in Programming Languages

I am new to JSF. I do not understand how to create my own messages properties files and where exactly to put this file. Can anyone help me with this?

Client console to display received messages and accept messages
by Matthew Damp in Programming Languages

I have a server-multiple-client program. The server needs to (and can) send messages to the client at any time, so the client needs to be continually ready to receive (and display on its console) all messages that the server sends.

At the same time, the client console needs to accept inputs to be sent to the server for processing (the server serves as the intermediary between clien

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