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How to Obtain a Mexican Passport for a Mexican National
by chanley in Travel
To apply for a passport from outside your country of origin requires filing paperwork at the consulate closest to you. There are many Mexican consulates in the U.S. at which passport applicants may submit their documentation to an interviewer during a scheduled appointment. To request a Mexican passport from the U.S., you'll need proof of your Mexican citizenship, along with your Mexican identific

What's the Difference Between Mexican Food & Southwest Mexican Food?
by CRaul87 in Food & Drink
For many people, authentic Mexican food and Southwest Mexican food are almost the same. The distinction between the two cooking styles is sometimes misleading, as both use almost all the same ingredients and cooking processes; however, there is a difference between the two cuisines. Although both used the same ingredients, the way these ingredients are used is fairly different. Aside from this, So

What Were the Causes of the Mexican War?
by Gurpreet Singh in Culture & Society
On August 8, 1812, the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition crossed the Sabine River from Louisiana into the Spanish territory that we now know as Texas. The expedition was composed of both antiroyalist subjects of Spain and U.S. officials who sought to enter that country's territory as observers for President Monroe. The military conflicts that followed the expedition's arrival sowed the first seeds of dis

How to Get Rid of Mexican Primrose
by Max Derov in Home & Garden
Mexican primrose plants grow in a wide range of soils, which allows them to thrive in ornamental flowerbeds and lawns. Oftentimes, gardeners plant Mexican primrose plants for their pink flowers only to find they become unattractive eyesores when stems die back in the winter. Removing Mexican primrose from flowerbeds eliminates their ability to detract from the aesthetic quality of surrounding orna
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How to Become a Mexican Chef
by Stringjam in Careers & Job Searching
There is far more to Mexican cuisine than refried beans, tacos and burritos. Becoming a chef requires years of education and training, and specializing in a specific cuisine takes dedication and commitment. If you are interested in becoming a chef trained in the art of Mexican cuisine, studying the flavor profiles of the region is only the beginning.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions

What Is a Mexican Costume?
by JoseWalrus in Culture & Society
Mexican culture is a complex combination of ancient styles of the Mayan civilization and Spanish influences, developed and blended over the years. The cuisine, music, dance and clothing reflect the historical background of the country. Mexican traditional clothing is still worn today at special occasions and in the countryside. HistoryThe Mexican costume combines indigenous and European element

About Mexican Names
by skulldrinker in Culture & Society
Eva, Alicia, Maria--it is no surprise that Mexican names are Spanish sounding. It is important to know why this is and what's behind Mexican names. Even if you don't have Spanish or Mexican blood, a Mexican name is beautiful and exotic and will make your child stand out among other more plain names. SignificanceMexican names are important because they symbolize a tradition and history unique to

How to Lay Mexican Tile
by jch in Home & Garden
Mexican tile is created in only one city in the world: Saltillo, Mexico. The tile, also called Saltillo tile, has a number of characteristics that distinguish it from other tiles. Unless manufactured tiles, Mexican tiles vary in size, shape and thickness, so no two installations are completely alike. These tiles are best installed indoors, away from harsh weather. They can provide your home a rus
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About Mexican Soccer
by undeinpirat in Sports & Fitness
Soccer is the national sport of Mexico, with millions of fans and players throughout the country. The domestic Mexican game has a professional league and the country boasts an international team that competes on the world stage. The thriving fan base of soccer in Mexico has led to the country being chosen to host two FIFA World Cup tournaments. The World Cup tournaments are the global showcase of

Mexican Income Tax Law
by KaoFloppy in Legal
Mexico taxes income---including employment income, income from investments and capital gains---at the federal and state levels but provides for several deductions. Earned IncomeEarned income includes income from salaries, commissions and employee-derived benefits allowances for housing, living expenses, education and employee profit sharing. Taxes for these are calculated at a graduated rate, s
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