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How to Obtain a Mexican Passport for a Mexican National
by chanley in Travel
To apply for a passport from outside your country of origin requires filing paperwork at the consulate closest to you. There are many Mexican consulates in the U.S. at which passport applicants may submit their documentation to an interviewer during a scheduled appointment. To request a Mexican passport from the U.S., you'll need proof of your Mexican citizenship, along with your Mexican identific

What's the Difference Between Mexican Food & Southwest Mexican Food?
by CRaul87 in Food & Drink
For many people, authentic Mexican food and Southwest Mexican food are almost the same. The distinction between the two cooking styles is sometimes misleading, as both use almost all the same ingredients and cooking processes; however, there is a difference between the two cuisines. Although both used the same ingredients, the way these ingredients are used is fairly different. Aside from this, So

What Were the Causes of the Mexican War?
by Gurpreet Singh in Culture & Society
On August 8, 1812, the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition crossed the Sabine River from Louisiana into the Spanish territory that we now know as Texas. The expedition was composed of both antiroyalist subjects of Spain and U.S. officials who sought to enter that country's territory as observers for President Monroe. The military conflicts that followed the expedition's arrival sowed the first seeds of dis

How to Cook the Mexican Way
by Trevor Cortez in Food & Drink
Mexican food is one of the world's most popular cuisines. The vast expanse of different yet flavorful food is one reason. Selections range from the bold taste of red chili sauce on a cheese enchilada to the light and citrusy ceviche. Mexican-style cooking can be complicated, but there are easy ways to duplicate authentic Mexican food with the right utensils and ingredients.Difficulty:ModerateInstr
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About Mexican Christmas
by Comfly in Holidays & Celebrations
Mexican Christmas is a festive celebration of Christ's birth that lasts over a month. While American commercialism has influenced the way that many celebrate the holiday, the majority of Mexicans still honor most, if not all, of the centuries-old traditions surrounding the Mexican Christmas. IdentificationIn order to understand the lengthy holiday season in Mexico and the significance of all th

How to Make a Mexican Piñata
by loki8481 in Holidays & Celebrations
A Mexican piñata can be made from various materials including paper and paper mache. You also can buy piñata kits. The easiest way to make a piñata for an adult is to buy one already made and fill it yourself.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Determine what type of adult piñata you want. If you're having a theme party, such as a super bowl party or luau, buy a piñata to match the theme. Piñata
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About Mexican Blankets
by mii in Home & Garden
The term Mexican blanket can refer to many styles of blankets popular in both Mexican and Southwestern cultures. People often use Saltillo serape, Falsa blanket, Navajo blanket, and Rio Grande blanket interchangeably, but there are differences. It's wise to know the differences before buying a Mexican blanket, particularly for those interested in these tapestries as collectibles. HistoryAs far

About Mexican Names
by skulldrinker in Culture & Society
Eva, Alicia, Maria--it is no surprise that Mexican names are Spanish sounding. It is important to know why this is and what's behind Mexican names. Even if you don't have Spanish or Mexican blood, a Mexican name is beautiful and exotic and will make your child stand out among other more plain names. SignificanceMexican names are important because they symbolize a tradition and history unique to

How to Buy the Mexican Peso
by Israel in Personal Finance
If you are planning a trip to Mexico, you will want to buy the local currency -- the peso. It's normally a better deal to purchase the pesos when you arrive in the country, but you can also obtain them before the trip if you'd prefer. Mexican pesos come in bills of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 denominations. There are 100 centavos in one peso. As of January 2011, 1 Mexican peso is the equivalent o
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About the Mexican Flag
by rjbsmith in Culture & Society
The flag of Mexico is known as La Bandera de México in Spanish.
The Fiesta of the Mexican flag, also known as El Día de la Bandera, is celebrated on February 24 and is a national holiday.
There have only been four Mexican flags throughout history. The flags, all depicting the eagle, the prickly pear tree and the serpent, have only had minor changes in the center emblem. His
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