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Junit test failure returns [Microsoft][Pilote ODBC Microsoft Access]
by crooter in Databases

I'm writing a set of test scenarios for my code, and currently I have a failure that isn't a failure.

Let me explain. I'm testing for the scenario that an incorrect file path is inserted into the class constructor.

This should throw either a connection error, or a file not found type error, but it in fact throws the error

[Microsoft][Pilote ODBC Microsoft

Resource for Microsoft beta certification exam 71-515 Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
by Bakafish in Programming Languages

I am looking for good resources to study this beta exam.
Until now the best I have found is this list of post gathering links covering the topics.
These are mainly MSDN documentation links and is not always ideal to face the exam.

Do you have any resource/tests to train against the corresponding 3.5 exam? is it the 70-528?
Any help/advice/link appreciated!

java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Invalid argument
by asid in Programming Languages

I"m running into an error with some code that gets information from an MS Access Database.

Here is the SQL statement that i use to load the information from the database

SELECT * FROM tblIRPolicyInfromation WHERE (((StatusID)='I34C28AF3567FFE37B5FAB2FB73210DE1System201209031224'));

this generates the following error


java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters
by Steve O. in Databases

It seems that this part of my code is where the exception occurs:

c = dbConnection.getConnection();
q = "SELECT * FROM book WHERE nextInc<=? AND inlib=?";
s = c.prepareStatement(q);
rs = s.executeQuery(); <-- Error.

I'm using "sun.jdbc.odbc.Jdbc

How to Insert Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Data Into a Microsoft Word Document
by Georgia in Computers
There are two main ways to insert data from Excel into your Word document, and which method you choose depends on your goals. You can either link to your Excel spreadsheet from Word or embed the Excel table in Word. Linking gives you the ability to modify the spreadsheet in Excel, causing the linked table to update automatically in Word. Embedding, on the other hand, inserts a static copy of your

How to Create & Send an Automatic Microsoft Access Report in Microsoft Outlook
by Joshua Johnson in Computers
Microsoft Access provides reporting functions for small and large businesses. The Access database software uses a lightweight version of Visual Basic called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This language provides you with scripting options, including the functions necessary to send an Access report directly to a user's inbox through Microsoft Outlook. This is beneficial when you have clients t

How do I import Microsoft Visual Foxpro tables into Microsoft Access 2007?
by jfraser in Web Design

From what I understand, I can no longer use ODBC to connect to Visual Foxpro 9 tables in Microsoft Access 2007. I see that I need to connect using OLE DB. I downloaded the Visual Foxpro provider, but I haven't found the instructions to complete my link or import from within Access. Does anyone have an answer?

Microsoft Access 2007 Integration with Microsoft Visual Source safe 6.0
by Igal in Databases

I am attempting to integrate an access program into Microsoft visual source safe 6.0.
I have downloaded an extension which allows source control access in access.
Here is the site that I used to guide me in my project


I have imported the access program into source safe. But I am

How do I Convert Microsoft Works Files Into Microsoft Word with Freeware?
by mvonballmo in Computers
Microsoft Works is a suite of word processing, database and spreadsheet software offered by Microsoft until 2010, when it was replaced by Office Starter. Microsoft Works files use the .wks file extension, which does not open in many word processors. You can convert Microsoft Works files into the Microsoft Word .doc format using software on the Internet or available for free download.Difficulty:Mod

How to Convert a Microsoft Works Template Into a Microsoft Office Document
by Bjørn Håkon in Computers
Microsoft Works is an integrated software package for Windows and the Macintosh that provides file management with relational-like capabilities, word processing, spreadsheet, business graphics and communications capabilities in one package. Since Microsoft Works is a different software package than Microsoft Office Suite, the only way to convert Microsoft Works documents and templates into Micros


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