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Migrating to ORM
Category : Programming Languages

Stepwise, what would be a good way of integrating Spring and Hibernate into an existing JSF application that doesn't use ORM?

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migrating old ado.net web app to EF
Category : Coding

consider this query

Select (some properties from all 3 Tables)
From PageWidgets pw LEFT JOIN PageWidgetDefinition pwd
On pwd.ID = pw.WidgetID
LEFT JOIN PageWidgetSkin pws
ON pws.ID = pw.SkinInstanceID
LEFT JOIN PageWidgetSkinRows pwsr
On pwsr.SkinID = pws.ID Where pw.PageID = *x*
Order By (some propertie

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Migrating from PVM to MPI
Category : Programming Languages

I'm working on migrating a project from PVM to MPI. I wanted to ask if anyone here has done so before and if there exists any tutorials or manuals on the correspondance between functions in PVM and MPI.

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Migrating from AS2 to AS3
Category : Programming Languages

I would like to know from someone who have already done that, any recommendations and things I have to take a special look, I have seen some articles related to the topic, googled it, etc...

but I would like the advice from stackoverflower x)

I already know object oriented programming in c++, using classes and etc, but I can't quite understand AS3 packages and stuff, but

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Migrating GWT 1.7 to GWT 2.4
Category : Web Design

I am trying to upgrade GWT from 1.7 to GWT 2.4 but I get build errors saying

Errors in 'jar:file:/C:/src/project/lib/gxt.jar!/com/extjs/gxt/ui/client/widget/Component.java'
[ERROR] Line 1280: Cannot reduce the visibility of the inherited method from Widget

Should I change the gxt version as well? I tried to change gxt to 2.2.5 and 2.2.6 but it doesn't work.

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Migrating g++ to gcc
Category : Programming Languages

I have a mixture of c and c++ files compiling under g++. As explained in:

The c files are being compiled as c++ with the g++ command line. Not huge problem but migrating over to gcc will allow th c files to compile as c files and the c++ file to compile as c++.

What -I includes or -

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Migrating from TFS to Git
Category : Programming Languages

Is it possible to migrate from TFS 2008 to Git, and still preserve all the history, etc?
I've seen some references that talk about doing it through SVN, but that seems rather complicated, and complicates my mission to introduce Git at my job.

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Help migrating asp.net mvc 1 to mvc 2
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I just joined a team thats developing a asp.net mvc 1 application.
I only have visual studio 2010 installed which comes with mvc 2.

I ran the conversion wizard and now the app doesnt seem to compile

The error I get is

"Cannot apply indexing with [] to an
expression of type

i get this error 5 tim

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Manually Migrating from svn to git
Category : Web Design

I am trying to migrate my svn repo from svn to git and it keeps on failing, it stops with the following output:

W: -empty_dir: trunk/ncontinuity2.core/extensions

When I do a git branch -a, it shows that it has not moved all the branches and indeed displays some branches that have been previously delted.

I have decide I can live without the histor

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Restkit: migrating to 0.20
Category : Development Tools & Services

I am trying to migrate to RestKit 0.20-pre2.

Currently I managed to migrate my mapping (at least the compiler does not complain anymore), but I have problems in creating requests (previously I used the RKObjectLoader which does not exist anymore.

My previous code is the following:

- (RKObjectLoader*)objectLoaderWithResourcePath: (NSString*)resourcePath

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