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How to Replace HP Mini 2102/HP Mini 210 or Compaq Mini 210 Netbook Keyboard
by z1ggy in Computers
If your HP 2102, HP Mini 210 or Compaq Mini 210 netbook keyboard becomes unusable because of spilled liquid, a defective key or a completely defective keyboard, you can order a replacement keyboard from HP or purchase one elsewhere online. With a few simple tools, you can have a new keyboard installed and ready to go in about half an hour.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Nee

How to Disassemble HP Mini 110, HP Mini 1103 or Compaq Mini CQ10 Netbook
by mg. in Computers
Disassembling your netbook lets you know with where all of the major components on your HP Mini 110, HP Mini 1103 or Compaq Mini CQ10 netbook are located. Knowing where your components are and how to access them will allow you to replace components that no longer work or upgrade components to increase the performance of your netbook. Disassembling your HP or Compaq netbook requires only a Phillips

How do I Make a Science Project of Mini Windmills Powering Mini Cars?
by Jammy in Education
Creating a science project with mini windmills and cars tests wind power. The wind source generates energy from the windmills, forcing the cars to move. The experiment can include comparisons by supplying variables such as different fan sizes, amounts of windmills used and windmill blade alterations. Conducting trials with variants demonstrates the properties of wind power that increase or decreas

What Is the Difference Between an E-Mini & a Mini Forex Trading Account?
by Matthew in Personal Finance
With all the various options and position sizes available for currency trading, the terminology surrounding the markets can be confusing for beginners. In fact, currencies are traded over more than just one market. While E-minis and mini forex accounts both represent reductions in position size, there are many key differences between the two. E-minisE-minis are futures contracts that are half t

Can I Reprogram a Remote From a Mac Mini to Work on a Different Mac Mini?
by Angelo Giannatos in Computers
The Apple Remote uses a process known as "pairing" to establish which of your compatible Apple devices it controls when you press the buttons on the remote. If you want to configure your Apple Remote to operate a different Mac Mini, follow the pairing procedure to marry the remote to that machine. BackgroundThe Apple Remote is a small infrared remote control device that allows you to control so

How to Know if Your MacBook Has a Mini Display or a Mini DVI
by bikefixxer in Computers
Since the release of the MacBook notebook computer, Apple has redesigned the device a number of times. Older MacBook computers have LCD screens and Mini DVI ports for external display connections while newer MacBook computers have LED screens and Mini Displayport ports for external display connections. If you want to know which type of port your MacBook has, you can find out by examining the port

The Difference in a Ruger Mini-30 and Mini-14
by niswilsonnissen in Sports & Fitness
Sturm, Ruger & Company produce both the Mini-14 and the Mini-Thirty semi-automatic rifles. The company was formed as a partnership between Bill Ruger and his friend Alexander Sturm. Ruger designed most of the firearms the company produced until his death in 2002. While the basic design of the Mini-14 and Mini-Thirty are similar, several significant differences exist. The Mini-14Ruger produces s

How to Convert XM Mini Tuner Home Dock Output Cable to 8-Pin Mini DIN Cable
by Floubadour in Electronics
XM Mini Tuner home docks allow XM users to connect their mini tuners to other devices, such as televisions and XM stereos. However, the output cable for the home dock makes use of an XM connector and can only connect to devices with an XM port. If you wish to convert this output cable to an 8-pin mini DIN cable, you can do so with the use of a few cable adapters.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Thin

Is there any way to test your webapp locally using Opera-Mini (considering that Opera uses a proxy to serve pages to Opera-Mini)
by rhinojosa in Mobile Programming

How can I test my web app locally using Opera-Mini?

I know that in order to test it using their Opera-Mini simulator you have to have a public site. Is it possible to test it out using a local server that is not public to the internet?

The issue stems from the fact that Opera-Mini gets its pages through a proxy server at Opera, and even if you have Opera-Mini installe

How to Compare the Acer Mini Laptop With the Dell Mini Laptop
by Frank Bradley in Computers
Performing a direct comparison of computers will help you choose the best mini laptop for your needs. Acer and Dell both produce miniature laptops, known as netbooks, that have some similar features, but there are also major differences. Bear in mind that each company has more than one style of netbook, so you may need to compare several types within each brand as well as compare the brands agains

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