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How to Make Mint Juice With Mint Leaves
by Ph33zy in Home & Garden
Mint juice, the basis for refreshing and cooling beverages, is known as pudina in Indian cuisine. The juice is similar to limeade with minty notes. The green beverage can be spiced with curry, pepper, cumin, and other seasonings, or it can be served as a citrus mint infusion. Pudina can be drunk hot or cold, and is an excellent palate cleanser between courses. Many believe mint settles the stomach

What is the Difference Between the Denver Mint & the Philadelphia Mint?
by Allan in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Philadelphia and the Denver mint facilities have provided monetary units for the United States and its citizens for well over 100 years. Coin production is the basic function performed by both mints -- main differences between the two are history, locations, coin marks and tours. The Denver Mint has a unique outreach program for local students -- a luxury the Philadelphia Mint does not offer.

Is the Mint in Candy From the Mint Plant?
by kodeninja in Home & Garden
The essential oils in mint plants inspire the flavor of a variety of candies. If you have tasted a peppermint candy cane, you will recognize the flavor of the peppermint plant. The flavor in spearmint chewing gum is derived from spearmint plants. Check the label on your candy to learn whether it was made with real mint oil or an artificial flavor meant to mimic its taste and aroma. Types of Min

How Can I Get a Mint Plant From a Mint Cutting?
by Rob Wright in Home & Garden
Herbs in the mint family usually grow energetically in an herb garden, spreading quickly and invasively by underground root runners. If you wish to propagate new mint plants from existing plants, take a stem cutting from a healthy mint plant and root it. As long as you create a humid environment for the stem cutting as it roots, you can get a new mint plant with little effort or expense.

How to Dry Mint Tea
by darko.topolsek in Home & Garden
Many gardeners grow mint in their home garden. It has a strong aroma and flavor and is often used in teas. The plant can be harvested throughout the growing season and it will continue to produce more stems, although during the summer it can slow down in growth, but should return back to full vigor in the fall. Harvested mint stems are often dried and crushed for future use and, fortunately, they
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How to Use Mint
by UglyCasanova in Home & Garden
Mint is one of the most widely used and famous herbs. It's easy to cultivate and has a wide variety of uses. It also has many medicinal uses, and unlike some medicinal herbs, it tastes great. This flavor also gives it many culinary uses. In addition, it's available in many types such as spearmint, peppermint, apple mint and pineapple mint.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Use peppermint for medicinal
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How to Dry Mint
by Blackjack200 in Food & Drink
Mint is a rapidly-growing herb that can be grown in containers or a backyard herb garden. Mint is best harvested in the morning hours when oils are at their most fragrant and just before the flowering stage. Fresh leaves are often used in fruit salads, to flavor iced tea and other drinks or as garnish. The fragrant oils of the mint leaves release a fresh crisp scent, so working with mint in your k
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Uses of Mint Oil
by jwyse in Health
Mint oil is extracted from the leaves of the mint plant. It is easy to grow and smells and tastes good. There are several uses for mint oil. Mint oil is used medicinally, as aromatherapy, in cooking and as a natural pesticide. The following is a list of uses for mint oil. Medicinal UsesMint oil is used to treat problems with digestion such as indigestion, cramps and nausea. Peppermint oil is us
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How to Get Rid of Mint
by Finland in Home & Garden
Beginning gardeners are often thrilled with how easily mint grows. However, it can grow a little too well, spreading by runners and seemingly taking over an area. It has been known to travel beneath cement walkways and pop up in nearby planter beds. From the familiar spearmint to the delightful peppermint and pineapple mint, all belong to the genus Mentha. Some varieties are more invasive than oth
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Which Spices Go With Mint?
by Randy K in Food & Drink
Mint is an ancient spice with roots in Greek mythology. The nymph Minthe was pursued by Hades, God of the underworld, when she was trampled by his love interest Persephone and turned into the herb we know as mint. Fragrant and flavorful, mint is a popular herb enjoyed across the world and goes well with a number of different spices. Chili PeppersThe spicy flavor of chili peppers mixes well with

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