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How to use Miracle 2
by Jan D in Home & Garden
Miracle 2 cleaner can be used to clean nearly every surface, from the inside of your oven to your sensitive and dry skin. The inventor named the product "miracle" because he believed divine inspiration taught him how to mix the product just right for optimal cleaning. Those who use the product might call it a miracle because of its incredible cleaning power. Whatever you believe, using the appropr
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About Miracle Gro
by foghorn67 in Home & Garden
Miracle-Gro is a line of home and garden products produced by the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. Miracle Grow products enhance the growth and resiliency of lawns, gardens and plants.
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Miracle II Uses
by Frank Bradley in Home & Garden
Clayton Tedeton, the inventor of the original Miracle II soap, has stated that the formula came to him in a divine revelation in the 1980s. Since then, the Miracle II product line has expanded and now includes three products: the original soap, a neutralizer formula and a moisturizing lotion. Miracle II soap is a versatile and powerful cleaning agent, and the addition of the neutralizer and moistu
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How to Use Miracle Gro
by doubledeluxe in Home & Garden
If you have seen pictures of lush green plants that claim to have been grown by using Miracle Gro and you wondered if it were really such a wonderful fertilizer, you are in the right place. Yes! Miracle Gro does produce vigorous plants with profuse blooms and veggies that produce abundant fruit. Follow these quick steps to use Miracle Gro to boost the growth and enhance color and fruit production
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How to Mix Miracle Gro
by skriefal in Home & Garden
A chemical plant fertilizer, Miracle-Gro is made by Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. According to the manufacturer, it is designed to nourish plants and encourage bigger vegetables, lush foliage and flowers and stronger shrubs and trees. Made of a chemical compound that includes ammonium phosphate, boric acid, copper sulfate, potassium sulfide, zinc sulfate and ammonium nitrogen, best results can be ob
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Miracle-Gro Facts
by mii in Home & Garden
The Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. is known for its range of products focusing on lawn care. By itself, the name "Miracle-Gro" refers to a collection of specially formulated soils and fertilizers, but the company's family of brands also includes Osmocote, Ortho and Roundup. Product LinesMiracle-Gro offers products such as seeds, plant foods, soils, weed control and organic gardening solutions. Most ho
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How Much Miracle-Gro Should I Use for Tomatoes?
by Vinicios in Home & Garden
Tomato plants are hungry vines, gobbling up high levels of both water and soil-borne nutrients to support foliage growth and fruit production. For the biggest tomato yield, supply each plant with regular fertilization. When it comes to picking a fertilizer, Miracle-Gro products come recommended by horticulturist Ron Smith, who says brands like Miracle-Gro will "improve growth and fruit set" in yo

How to Use Miracle-Gro for Hydroponics
by boonchew in Home & Garden
Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants and flowers without soil. Instead of soil, a nutrient-rich solution is used. This helps the root system to flourish without competition and helps to reduce plant-destroying pests because they have no soil in which to nest. Using Miracle-Gro in hydroponic systems is more complicated than adding it to soil, as chemical interaction must be considered. How

Miracle-Gro on Trees
by drudge in Home & Garden
The Scotts company name has become synonymous over the years with lawn and landscape care, providing tools and products designed to equip the home gardener as well as the professional landscaper. The Miracle-Gro line of fertilizers contain products to promote growth in a multitude of plants, including the trees on your landscape. Miracle-Gro Fertilizer SpikesMiracle-Gro fertilizer spikes are d
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Miracle Gro Directions
by Mike in Home & Garden
Miracle-Gro is a brand name, water-soluble fertilizer manufactured by the Scotts Company. This type of fertilizer comes in various formulations to fit the specific needs of different plant types. The all-purpose Miracle-Gro blend can be used safely on indoor and outdoor plants, flowering and foliage plants, trees, shrubs, roses, fruits and vegetables. It is important to read and understand the dir

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