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Folder shows Missing in Tortoise SVN Commit - How to disassociate this and move that missing item
by jmccliment in Development Tools & Services

I have added a new folder to one of my local working copies. I have yet to initially check it in though.

I want to take it out and put it on my desktop, then branch and then put it back in and associate with the branched local version.

I noticed though, as I try to commit, that the folder is associated with that local copy because it's showing it as non-versioned in the

HTML email sent from PHP script is missing quotes and a letter after the missing quote
by Wonderbread in PHP

I was able to create an HTML email body and sent the email out and get the email at the other end but somewhere in the way it looses some quotes and a letter right after the lost quote so it does not look right even though the data is there. I escaped the quotes by putting a back-slash before all the quotes but still the same: it removes the back-slash too. In this case I am using single quotes

Chrome on the iPad Missing File API Features (Present on the desktop) what else is missing?
by lxskllr in Mobile Programming

I'm playing with the new Chrome on iPad. One feature that I was expecting was the file apis. Specifically using the media capture api, one could place an input box on the page with capture to the camera one could have a web app take a picture do something with it using file reader, etc. (just like on ICS). Anyhow, is chrome not chrome? What is the difference between chrome on iOS and the de

Proxy script in PHP to circumvent missing crossdomain.xml - missing minor tweaks
by Paratus in PHP

1st the background - so that you see, that I'm not trying anything malicious: I have a flash app in the russian social network vkontakte.ru which displays user avatars. Until now my .swf file has been hosted at their domain, so that fetching and scaling avatars worked well.

Now I'd like to switch my app to an iframe-type, so that the .swf will be hosted at my domain and thus I'm no

How to fill missing values in array with next non-missing value using CUDA Thrust?
by Vacant Space in Web Design

By using CUDA Thrust's inclusive scan with a max operator, I'm able to fill missing values with the previous non-missing value (i.e. last non-missing value to the left).

But how to fill using next non-missing value (to the right)? Thus, for example, using 0 as my missing value marker:

Input: [0 1 0 0 4 0 6 0]
Fill miss

How to fill missing values in array with last non-missing value using CUDA Thrust?
by Minh Nguyen in Web Design

My flag for a missing value is 0, so from [0, A, B, 0, 0, C, 0] I want [0, A, B, B, B, C, C] (if no previous non-missing value exists, then just leave as 0).

I'm using the CUDA Thrust library, and was wondering if there's a quick way of doing this without looping though each element.

Many thanks.

Debug android app causes missing some files like Invocation Target Exception, Resouces Class File editor is missing?
by RomanMtz in Android

I have written an app that calls an asmx web service. When I run the app every thing works

fine. The problem occurs when I debug my app and the exception I occured is different each

time I run the app.

this exception (below) I got when I debug my app.

also this exception has occured in second time debug my app


Clickonce error: missing files. Need to get missing filename
by Jim Davis in Programming Languages

My ClickOnce app gives an error for a user: "Cannot download the application. The application is missing required files. Contact the application vendor or your system administrator for assistance."

How can I pinpoit which file is missing? Do I manually need to put files on the publishing server?

I thought when I click on the prerequisities and set the option to download

Missing a using directive or an assembly reference error when I'm not missing anything
by Thyrius in Programming Languages

I have a solution with 4 projects. In the first one I reference the other three, not with Browse, but with Add reference->Project tab.

I have all three using statements in the beginning.

The program works fine. I tested it and it works. But I'm not able to build it.

I get the error "Missing a using directive or an assembly reference".

None of my p

I am not getting the right result, not sure what I am missing (improper logic, missing steps?)
by Piercarlo Slavazza in Programming Languages

I am trying to get this problem to work right, what it does it ask for some scores to be entered and then it is supposed to show the name of the person with the highest score. I am getting the last score entered as the highest score, the problem with that is the last score entered is not going to necessarily be the highest one entered. Any ideas on how I can fix this would be appreciated. This


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