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download mobile app notification in mobile website with jquery mobile
by socurious in Web Design

We have a mobile website going to go live in some time. We need to put a on top of the header of the page which will say download [iphone/ipad/mobile] native app. But is it possible to push the jquery mobile page header down to show this notification. And this notification has disappear when we click close button on this strip.

Same thing i saw target site .Try it in tab/mobile.

Mobile Compatilble vs. Mobile Separate Mobile Version
by l1feh4ck3r in Web Design

I am building a website both mobile and pc version.But I am in a fix what should be used to do it.I have some question for which I am confused :
1. make a website with separate mobile version and pc version and render page depending on the device users use ?
2. Another is a single version website that would be all device compatible.this can adapt the layout according to the device

jQuery mobile dropdownlist doesn't hides with http://code.jquery.com/mobile/1.2.0/jquery.mobile-1.2.0.min.js
by Drift King in Programming Languages

Got this ddl and it works fine with this version of jQm "http://code.jquery.com/mobile/1.1.0/jquery.mobile-1.1.0.min.js":
But if I change it to 1.2.0 the items never hides. Anyone seen this problem?

<asp:DropDownList ID="LanguageDropDownList" OnSelectedIndexChanged="LanguageDropDownList_OnSelectedIndexChanged"

jQuery Mobile :: “Tap” event doesn't work on mobile, but does on desktop
by cpacini in Web Design

I am learning jQuery Mobile currently and I have a Tap event bound to a blank anchor tag (href is blank)

My jQuery script looks like this:

$('.design-link').bind('tap', function(event){
return false;

Possible to have a single page that displays regular HTML for desktop and jQuery mobile UI for mobile?
by acacio in Coding

I am wondering if it's possible: On a regular webpage, detect mobile browser with jQuery then without redirecting show the users a jQuery mobile UI page instead.

Or in other words (and for example), a single login page that displays differently for both mobile and desktop.

href link not append runtime in anchor tag on $.mobile.changePage in Jquery Mobile
by Spain in Web Design

I am new in jquery mobile, developing application in iphone using phonegap, I am redirecting one page to another using:

$.mobile.changePage('restaurant_detail.html?iInfoId='+ this.id + ext_link+'&type='+type, {transition: "slide"});

On 'restaurant_detail.html' page append footer tab link on page show event, but its not append link href attribute in tab li

jquery mobile - how to set all font into the small size when accessing with opera mobile/mini?
by Leo in Mobile Programming

I've a mobile web using jquery mobile, when I access it with android browser everything is fine. But when I try to access it with opera mobile and opera mini, all fonts are at big size (not like at android browser, all fonts are at normal size an readable).
can you help me to fix it? thanks :)
here is the link

there's another problem, when I access it with o

Adding Windows Azure Mobile Service to the Mobile Application in Visual Studio
by Denis Chaykovskiy in Programming Languages

I am trying my hands on Windows Azure Mobile Services. My environment is Visual Studio 2010. Azure SDK is installed. And operating system is Windows 7.

I have created a Windows Azure Mobile Services and also created the sample database and the table as instructed while creating the service.

On the other hand I have installed Mobile SDK on my Visual Studio 2010. The instr

jQuery Mobile custom select menu works in Mobile Safari, but not in UIWebView
by nascentmind in Operating Systems

I am using jQuery Mobile in an application that runs inside a UIWebView. The applicaiton is written in Monotouch and has multiple tabs and one of the tabs shows html5 content within a webview. jQuery Mobile allows the html5 content to have a consistent look and feel to the native sections of the application. I am tryi

Do all other desktop and mobile browsers support application/xhtml+xml except IE's all version till 8 and IE mobile?
by ioudas in Programming Languages

Do all other desktop and mobile browsers support content served as application/xhtml+xml except IE's all version till 8 and IE mobile?


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