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Modifying an individual TreeViewItem on a databound WPF TreeView without modifying the data source
by Dandor in Programming Languages

I've got a MVVM WPF app with the TreeView databound to a viewmodel class. It is essentially a file explorer. I want to add the ability to "Add a new folder" to the hierarchy. To achieve the desired functionality what I am trying to do is simply switch the Textblock out for an editable TextBox in my datatemplate. This is what my datatemplate looks like:


Modifying CSS for GWT App
by rodvand in Web Design

Using a GWT web app, Firebug says that the following HTML

<table class="drop-zone drop-zone-column-66 multi-zone">

is using this CSS.

.maximized-gadget .drop-zone.multi-zone, .configure-tab a {
display: block;

What CSS do I need to write so that this <table>

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modifying ransack gem
by Simon Capewell in Programming Languages

I am using "Ransack gem". but i want to modify it. so i am copy ransack gem folder from c drive to vendor/plugins/static_gem folder and try to edit it but when i starts server it gives me error as

D:/Shrikant/Ruby Projects/fIT_Arms/vendor/static_gem/ransack-0.7.0/ransack.gemsp
ec:25:in ``': No such file or directory - git ls-files (Errno::ENOENT)
from D:/

Modifying printf
by ArdentRogue in Programming Languages

I would like to modify the function printf to a new function printf2 that simply prepends the message to be printed with Hello.

I could do

void printf2(char message[]) {
printf("Hello ");

The problem is that I cannot pass the extra arguments for cases when messa

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Modifying rindex in C
by digiram in Coding

I'm programming in C (Linux OS). I need to use rindex for finding last occurence of a char specified as function argument.

char * rindex (const char *string, char c);

It works fine though I get warnings:

conflicting types for built-in function ‘rindex’ [enabled by default]

But if I include a string.h heade

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Modifying SQL XML сolumn
by Toetee in Databases

I have an XML column in one of my table. For example I have an Employee table with following fields:

Name (varhcar) | Address (XML)

The Address field is having values like


I have some n number of rows already in the tab

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Modifying strings in C
by Gunbuster in Programming Languages

I need to store the following strings in 3 char * variables in C:


Each individual string such as "foo" is received at one point of time via a char* pointer, the corresponding output string is produced immediately before receiving the second string, and the total number of individual strings is known at all times.<

Modifying text using awk
by Bulk Beef in Operating Systems

I am trying to modify text files using awk. There are three columns and I want to delete part of the text in the first column:

range=chr1 20802865 20802871
range=chr1 23866528 23866534


chr1 20802865 20802871
chr1 23866528 23866534

How can I do this

Modifying svg:path using d3
by swassbac in Web Design

I've been working on this problem for a while, and i'm stumped :(

I have one svg which contains some buttons i've made. Then in another svg I have a chart with various lines or svg:path's. When I click a button, I want a specific line to change color. I have the following code:


Modifying rpm files
by Barfo in Web Design

How can I add a file into an already existing rpm package?

Is there a way to extract the rpm and add the file and rebuild the package containing the new file?

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