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How do I import an external module when a local module masks a standard library module imported by the external module?
by teabagbrewster in Programming Languages

I have a local module named tokenize.py, masks a standard library module of the same name. I only discovered this when I tried to import an external module (sklearn.linear_model), which in turn does import tokenize and expects to get the standard library module, but gets my local module instead.

This is related to How to access a standard-library module in

how to change a variable from a module inside a module in a module… (confused)
by Murali Ravipudi in Programming Languages

I have a variable in my main module which is changed using another module, but I want to change the variable from my main module through another module. I'm new to programmering, so I actually don't really know how to explain this stuff - sorry if I'm asking a stupid question.

The program's hierarchy looks a bit like this:




Access functions of a module from another module which itself imports the first module
by DefDC in Web Design

Sorry for the confusing title, I tried to fit as much of the problem in the title.

The scenario:

I have a module(say ModuleA) which contains class definitions of some Tkinter GUI elements.
These elements also have certain events/functions bound/binded with them(such as '<Button-1>','<Button-2>'....

Now there's another modu

Drupal's Event module with View module - how to change color of past events?
by FuzzyHornet in Web Design

i'm using event module, with event_views module.

is it possible to change color of past events? or events in the future?

i know that will be some extra programing, but i don't know what and where..

tnx in adv on suggestions!

Change module __version__ and save the module source file with updated version afterwards
by ronansprake in Programming Languages

In all of my Python module files I put the module version with __version__.

Now if I release my Python library, I want to increase this module version inside all Python module files automatically.

I know that I can access the version of a module for reading like this:


# my module
__version__ = "0.0.1"

Drupal, conflict between Taxonomy Translation (part of i17 module) and super-select module?
by ArdentRogue in Web Design

I've enabled internazionalization for my Taxonomy vocabulary, and I've noticed that I've lost the changes made by Taxonomy super-select module (http://drupal.org/project/taxonomy_super_select)

I was wondering if there is a conflict between the 2 modules.

Update. Yes there is, and they suggest to apply this patch to change the module weights:

Python and Eclipse: How to use interactive console after running a module, with the module variables and functions
by HtW in Programming Languages

Let's consider 3 situations:

1) I write a pyhon module in Eclipse (pydev) and run it Ctrl-F11. The module runs and I don't have any control or access (AFAIK) to the module variables and functions.

2) I have defined a python interpreter as an external tool in Eclipse, so I can run it within Eclipse. It works fine, but it does not have tab completion.

3) I ope

Netbeans module developpement: How to benefit the freemarker engin without using a file template module?
by taviso in Programming Languages

I created a "custom wizard" module in Netbeans 7.2 and I want to generate a couple of files using freemarker engine.

I m not using a "file type wizard" (as I dont want the "template" to appear in "New file" dialog)

I tried using @templateRegistration annotation on the wizard action class but cant get the template file.

Is there a way to get for exemple a cust

Enabling Gmagick PHP module causes ImageMagick (Imagick) module to report 0 supported formats
by dcutting in PHP

I'm trying to get both imagick and gmagick extensions enabled on the same machine (ubuntu 12.04 - though same problem in older versions).

I have a working ImageMagick/Imagick installation - with 206 supported formats...up until the moment I enable the gmagick module - then it reports that 0 are supported. I was able to isolate the problem thanks to this response: http://stackoverfl

Is there a tool for extracting all variable, module, and function names from a Perl module file?
by dlock13 in Programming Languages

My apologies if this is a duplicate; I may not know the proper terms to search for.

I am tasked with analyzing a Perl module file (.pm) that is a fragment of a larger application. Is there a tool, app, or script that will simply go through the code and pull out all the variable names, module names, and function calls? Even better would be something that would identify whether it was


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