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Custom module in nodejs returns “cannot find module” error
by Jon Riegel in Development Tools & Services

I've been writing a little prototype app in the cloud9 ide using express and nodejs.

I was going to re-organize some code into a few custom modules but when I attempt to require them I get an error "cannot find module './lib'

The lib folder is in the root of my site directory. I have 1 file in there "test.js" that has a simple demo to try and get this working.

How to re-fetch data from backbone collection within a requirejs module from a select box outside of module?
by Twista in Web Design

I've recently built a requirejs/backbonejs module that builds a table on my page. The collection fetches the data and returns it in JSON, which i am parsing through and rendering. It works fine up to this point, and the table renders beautifully on the page.

The API i am using to fetch the data requires that i pass in a time range. So for the first draw of the table, i pass in a

customizing user registration page with custom module or contrib module
by Mytime34 in Programming Languages

In PHP I can have a very nice registration system in less than a day with ajax username availability checking, custom fields, custom validation and everything to think of. In drupal, drupal just stands in the way of everything good.

I'm trying to customize the registration page as follows

add extra fields in the registration form
change registration so user can choose

RequireJs optimization – using optimized file of a module to optimize other dependent module
by python in Web Design

I have a module vendor having all 3rd party libraries like backbone, handlebars, jquery etc. I have created vendor.js defining all these 3rd party libraries. Vendor has its own build.js and I am optimizing it to create vendor-optimized.js

I have another module commonLib having all in-house libraries using the vendor libraries. I have created an

Drupal: do an unstable module introduce bugs that are still present even after the module is removed?
by nasy in Web Design

If I download a module which is not stable to run in Drupal (red color over download link), is this causing issues to my drupal installation even if it is not enabled ?

In other words, if I enable it, and use it.. could it cause issues to other modules or drupal core that remain there even after I've disabled it ?


Apache is “Unable to initialize module” because of module's and PHP's API don't match
by ThF in PHP

php -v gives this

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: memcache: Unable to initialize module
Module compiled with module API=20060613
PHP compiled with module API=20090626
These options need to match in Unknown on line 0
PHP Warning: PHP Startup: memcache: Unable to initialize module
Module compiled with module API=20060613
PHP compiled with module API=

Magento Access functions from a module directly in another module's phtml file
by krs in Web Design

My setup

I have two modules installed:

one takes an id and builds a product collection from this using the id to lookup an attribute-value pair (mod1)
The other offers a way of narrowing a search down (mod2)

The true url I am on is /mod1/page/view/id/&

how to make one module depends on another module artifact in maven multi-modules
by fayoh in Web Design

I have maven multiple-module project.

A: parent.
B: child1.
C: child2.

B will be packaged to get jar file and then c will use this jar file to compile the code.

in B, if i run mvn package, it will create b.jar (stays in B/target/jars not in B/target -for another purpose).

in C, i need to use that b.jar to c

Can I render a DotNetNuke module's control without restricting the page to a specific module?
by waggy in Programming Languages

I am working on a DotNetNuke module that consists of several different screens, with each having it's own set of user interface interactions. I decided to handle this by putting each screen in a different module control. The only way I can find to load that control is to give the link a URL via:

Globals.NavigateURL(Constants.LicenseDetailControl, "clientId=" + _clientId, "licen

Module 'QtMultimedia' does not contain a module identifier directive - it cannot be protected from external registrations
by Octopuss in Operating Systems

I want to create a Video effects application using QML.
I have already done research to know how to play video using QML.
The website said that I have to import QtMultimedia 5.0 to use Video elements.
I'd already written import QtMultimedia 5.0, inserted QT += multimedia to my .pro file, and also already added path C:QtQt5. to my envir

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