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What Is the Meaning of Convertible Money, Inconvertible Money, and Representative Money?
by cmt95 in Personal Finance
Currency that you can quickly convert into another type of currency is convertible money. Currency that you cannot convert into another type of currency is inconvertible money. Certificates that you can exchange for a specific quantity of a commodity or a certificate that represents money, but is not actually money, is representative money. Types of Paper MoneyConvertible, inconvertible and rep

Do I Have to Pay Back Money to Short-Term Disability Once I Receive Social Security Money?
by ChristianM in Personal Finance
If you planned ahead and receive short-term disability payments from a private insurer as a result of an illness or accident, you may also qualify for social security long-term disability benefits under specific circumstances. Social security does not have a provision that covers short-term disability situations; therefore, your private or employer-provided disability insurance benefit may be your

How to Find Money Quotations: Speeches, Papers & Articles Money Quotes
by Ka0t1x in Personal Finance
Finding great quotations online for speeches, presentations, papers and articles is incredibly easy if you know where to look. Searching at your favorite search engine gives more results if you are very specific and use quotation marks around words in your searches. For example, you can easily find "Daily Money Quotes" if you search for it using quotation marks.Difficulty:EasyInstruction

Rails Money Gem “uninitialized constant Money::Currency::TABLE” in View
by johntynan in Programming Languages

I have a problem with the money currency gem. I'm trying to show a dropdown with all currencies:

The View:

<% if @receipt.errors.any? %>
<div id="error_explanation">
<h2><%= pluralize(@receipt.errors.count, "error") %> prohibited this receipt from being saved:</h2>
<% @receipt.errors.full_messages

How to Make Money By Self-Publishing a Book - Tips from Someone Who Made Money
by Koen Willemse in Arts & Entertainment
It's now easier than ever to self-publish your own book. But too often, the excitement of receiving your finished book turns to disappointment when sales fail to materialize as expected. Learn how to make money with a self-published book by following the 10 steps below.
Trust me, they work! I was an average person with no book publishing experience. I've been quite fortunate to earn a c

How to Make Real Money Working From Home Without Spending Money
by jaredsmiller in Personal Finance
The Internet allows anyone with a skill to earn money without leaving their home or spending a lot on capital equipment or subscriptions. Web hosting is inexpensive or free, and it's even possible to get online shop software for free or for a low fee as well. You can find freelance work or start your own business using the Internet. You'll gain extra income and a flexible schedule. However, you'll

Money Tree & Money Jar Ideas for a Victorian Themed Wedding
by Jaleel in Weddings
Asking for money, whether directly or indirectly is typically deemed inappropriate, however there are ways you can set up a money tree or jar without being tacky. For your Victorian themed wedding, there are ways you can set up a station near the gift table where it isn't the center of attention, but it's there for guests who wish to gift money upon the newlyweds. Crystal Money TreeSince the Vi

How to Recover Stolen Money From a Joint Money Market Account
by mikhaelrasputin in Personal Finance
Although money market accounts are federally insured, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., or FDIC, does not cover theft by a third party. In the case of theft, you will need to contact the bank to freeze your account and determine who is responsible for the theft from your account. Even if you cannot determine who stole the funds, you may still be able to recover the funds from your bank or ano

What Is the Difference Between a Money Markey Account & a Money Market Fund?
by Maxton in Personal Finance
A money market account is a deposit account at a bank whereas a money market mutual fund is an investment account. Both are very liquid, meaning you can withdraw money easily, but the accounts are different when it comes to risks and returns. Rate of ReturnThe money in a money market deposit account receives a set interest rate, usually based on the amount of money in the account. A money marke

What Is a Good Money Market or Online Account to Save Money?
by Lafe in Personal Finance
A money market or savings account can be an excellent place to stash money for short-term use. Whether you need to build an emergency fund or save up for a major purchase, you want to make the most of the money you put aside. Getting a good interest rate can increase the value of your savings and help you accumulate the nest egg you need that much faster. Grand Opening SpecialsOne of the best w

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