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DLL monitoring
by alphamars in Programming Languages

Is there an application which allows me to see what is being sent to a DLL from a process?

I have a process and I have a DLL and I would like to monitor the parameters that are being sent to the functions so that I can use the DLL myself.

The EXPORT of the DLL is.


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What Is Web Monitoring?
by sourceninja in Computers
The Internet provides a tool that companies and agencies use for productivity but a tool sometimes misused by employees. Internet monitoring software ensures individuals are properly using the Internet for work purposes. Monitoring SoftwareInternet monitoring software supplies users an analysis and report of Internet sites and email accounts visited.
BenefitsAccording to Work Examiner, an In
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LAN Monitoring
by Jaleel in Computers
As companies adopt corporate networks in order to provide efficiency and to facilitate both internal and external communication, it is critical that they implement network monitoring. Network monitoring provides a number of advantages, including the detection of performance problems and network misuse. Network monitoring also helps a company to spot trends and plan for network growth, and the expe
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AIX monitoring directory changes
by Estonia in Programming Languages

I'm on AIX 5.3 and I'm a total noob with that OS.
I was wondering if there is something like inotify on AIX so that one can monitor directories and files for changes instead of polling.
I'm going to do this from Java so solutions using Java or C (I can just wrap it with jni or jna) are fine. I'd rather not use any shell scripting or system configuration stuff.

directory monitoring
by XiandreX in Programming Languages

What is the best way for me to check for new files added to a directory, I dont think the filesystemwatcher would be suitable as this is not an always on service but a method that runs when my program starts up.

there are over 20,000 files in the folder structure I am monitoring, at present I am checking each file individually to see if the filepath is in my database table, however

CPU temperature monitoring C#
by Anderson in C & C++ & C#

For a programming project I would like to access the temperature readings from my CPU and GPUs. I will be using C#. From various forums I get the impression that there is specific information and developer resources you need in order to access that information for various boards. I have a MSI NF750-G55 board. MSI's website does not have any of the information I am looking for. I tried their tec

Region monitoring
by beginner99 in Operating Systems

can anyone tell me how accurate the iOS5 region monitoring function can be. i.e. can it use my GPS location to monitor when I enter a region.

Also what is the max number of regions I could configure at any given time.

Thanks for any help

Azure VM monitoring
by CodeOfficer in Programming Languages

I want to prepare a report about monitoring Windows Azure Virtual Machines programmatically. Is there any such API?

I'd like to monitor VMs based on memory/CPU usage, communcations among VMs, VM subscription details etc...

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ASP.Net Web Farm Monitoring
by CRaul87 in Network & Servers

I am looking for suggestions on doing some simple monitoring of an ASP.Net web farm as close to real-time as possible. The objectives of this question are to:

Identify the best way to monitor several Windows Server production boxes during short (minutes long) period of ridiculous load
Receive near-real-time feedback on a few key metrics about each box. These are simple metrics av
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GPU monitoring software
by Mikebob in Programming Languages

I'm interested in a GPU monitoring software that would log the processes and the memory (video card memory) being used by the processes.

I'm opened to all kind of solutions, even a software + some scripts to help me log this kind of data.

I need the software to run under Windows Vista

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