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What Are the Differences Between Wall-Mounted and Window-Mounted Air Conditioners?
by tolis626 in Home & Garden
During hot summer days and humid nights, an air conditioning system is useful for cooling down apartments, homes or individual rooms. While some residential housing has air conditioning systems that cool down each unit or room within the building, older buildings may not be equipped with such. Wall-mounted and window-mounted systems are two options available on the market. DefinitionsA wall-mou

How to Convert Wood Mounted Stamps to Acrylic Mounted
by wpoch in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Rubber stamps are used for scrapbooking, card making and mixed media artwork. Most stamps are mounted on wooden blocks, but that can take up a lot of storage space. By removing the rubber stamps from the wooden mount, stamps can then be placed onto clear acrylic blocks for stamping. Once the rubber stamps have been removed from the wooden bases and prepared, they can be stored in clear compact dis

(MACOSX) - Knowing whether a mounted device was mounted from a DMG
by AtenRa in Development Tools & Services

Couldn't find that info using DiskArbitration or FSGetVolumeInfo/GetVolumeParms...

I know that hdiutil uses a private framework called DiskImages framework, but I wouldn't want to run an external utility each time I want this info... wheres the API for this ?

Single Rear-Mounted Turbo Vs. Front-Mounted Twin Turbo
by Sankarsan Bose in Cars
Whether or not forced induction (via a single or multiple turbochargers) will add power is beyond dispute at this point; decades of testing and domination in racing have proven that much. The primary question on the minds of today's hardcore enthusiast is not so much whether or not to add a turbo, but what configuration would be the simplest, cheapest and most effective. MountingThe age-old dis

How do I notice when something gets mounted
by GarlicBreath in Programming Languages

I want my program always know all of the mountpoints. After a quick google I found that getmntent() and friends can tell me what is mounted. I realize I could do this everytime that I needed to know what was mounted, but is there some way to recognise when something gets mounted/unmounted so I don't have to keep reading the file? Is this what dBus does?

Any hints would be helpf

Using a Mounted Router
by clamum in Home & Garden
Some wood projects require the router be mounted to the table. A mounted router inserts into a table upside down, with the router bit facing up. Both hands are free to manuever the workpiece. Of course using a hand-held router has its advantages, but many router projects need the security of a firmly set router. If you are thinking about purchasing a router and you'd like to acquire one that mount

How High Should an LCD TV Be Mounted?
by patrickcarver in Electronics
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Get ip for afp-mounted volume on osx.
by Spain in Programming Languages

I've been trying to get the ip address of a mounted volume on my and i really can't find any resources that have indicated that this is even possible. But it probably is.

I have an application that needs to identify the ip address of a mounted volume. I have got as far as getting the host name, but i cannot seem to furthur resolve this to an ip adress.

The code for getti

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How to Use a Mounted ISO File
by Vijayant Singh in Computers
An ISO (International Organization for Standardization) file is a type of virtual disk. This means that it's a copy of a real-life disk, except in file format on your computer. A "mounted" ISO is one that's been put into a virtual CD drive, which is just like putting your real CD into your real drive. Once an ISO has been mounted, you can take steps to use it just like a real CD.
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how to skip dirs that are mounted twice?
by yarry in Operating Systems

I need to list a directory recursively but I want to skip subdirs that were already mounted.
There are 2 cases:

a) a filesystem was mounted twice, like in this example:

"/dev/sda2" was mounted on "/mnt/mnt_point1"
"/dev/sda2" was mounted on "/mnt/mnt_point2"
I want to list "/mnt" but descend only in "/mnt/mnt_point1"

b) part of the file hierarchy was


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