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Cocoa [self invalidateShadow] doesn't work on a frame moving left, but does when moving right?
by Radeon962 in Programming Languages

I have a function inside my window class that moves its frame around when the scrollwheel is moved

-(void)scrollWheel:(NSEvent *)theEvent{
switch (theEvent.phase) {
// Whilst Scrolling
case NSEventPhaseChanged:
float newPos = [theEvent.window.contentView frame].origin.x + [theEvent scrollingDeltaX];

Moving “Cloud” - Radial Gradient moving with finger
by TheMoo in Programming Languages

First Q. I have working code to make this move elsewhere in the file -- that's not the question. The question is how do I create a Radial Gradient that can be moved (below API 16).

Preempting snark, I've spent a lot of time here:


With GradientDrawable (below), there doesn'

Moving indirect-addressed value into AL works, but moving it into an 8-bit rXb register doesn't in yasm
by ISAslot in Programming Languages

I have a byte-array of characters declared in .data

chars db 'spipopd'

and I have set rdi to point to the base index of this array

mov rdi, chars

At some point, I want to put a character from the array into an 8-bit register. The first statement below produces a valid value, but the second one causes r9b to contain vo

android image gallery start moving or slowing down and stopped moving
by Ari in Programming Languages

i am using android gallery is there any listener or way i can know which get fired when user start motion, stop motion, slowing down or moving ?

i see you can overide the following method

public boolean onFling(MotionEvent e1, MotionEvent e2, float velocityX, float velocityY) {
return super.onFling(e1, e2, velocityX, velocityY);

Animated moving UIButton not responding to touches/taps while moving
by terrestris in Mobile Programming

I'm trying to animate a UIButton to move up the screen. At any point the user can touch it. However, it doesn't seem to respond to touches while moving, only at the start and end of its animation. I guess this is because the button itself isn't moving, just the image of it. Any ideas how I can solve this? Here's my code so far. Thanks!

- (void)viewDidLoad {
[self newBubb

Efficient 'rolling/moving hash' computation (like moving average)
by Ionith in Programming Languages

I'm trying to optimize a program which needs to compute a hash for a constant size window in a data stream at every position (byte) of stream. It is needed for a lookup of repetitions in disk files much larger than available RAM. Currently I compute separate md5 hash for every window, but it costs a lot of time (window size is a few kilobytes, so each byte of data is processed few thousand time

moving 2 controls (picturebox) moving parallel not sequence
by Carbito in Programming Languages

the two virtual mouse image mission is move horizontal movement and click the destination point . in the following code is running successfully in Sequence (one by one ).
i want to edit this code to working parallel (the two image working in the same time ) .

the mouseimg1 refer to => mouse 1 and mouseimg2 refer to => mouse 2 .

public partial class Form1 : Fo

The Average Moving Cost Without Using a Moving Company
by evident in Personal Finance
Moving costs are highly personalized, based on a variety of factors. A college student with mostly personal items and minimal furniture will pay far less than a family of five that has accumulated household possessions for many years. The distance you move also plays a factor in pricing, especially if you rent a moving truck from a company that charges by the mile. You can definitely save money by

Moving average and moving quarterly data
by Piriya in Programming Languages

I have a daily time series data and wish to construct a daily moving average and create a quarterly data frame. As an example the first data set (of the example data) should include daily data for the months January, February and March, while the second series should be February, March and April. Similarly, the last data set should be that of October, November and December. I wish to do this

Moving ctor and moving dtor
by Fenix Drakken in Programming Languages

as I've asked in here and after a while I've agreed and accepted right answer to that question I was just thinking, if would it be useful to have something like "moving destructor" which would be invoked on moved object everytime we used move ctor or operator=.
In this way we would have to specify only in move dtor what we want from it and how our object shuld be nullified after being used


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