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How do you generate random unique identifiers in a multi process and multi thread environment?
by Spain in Programming Languages

Every solution I come up with is not thread save.

def uuid(cls,db):
u = hexlify(os.urandom(8)).decode('ascii')
db.execute('SELECT sid FROM sessions WHERE sid=?',(u,))
if db.fetch(): u=cls.uuid(db)
else: db.execute('INSERT INTO sessions (sid) VALUES (?)',(u,))
return u

Language Choice for Multi-Tier/Multi-Threaded/Event-Based Container
by damomurf in Operating Systems

I would like to start a new project that consists of multiple tiers, the web tier, event-driven business logic, data processing, etc. I had worked on PHP and Java-based projects for the past few years and speaking from experience, Java (and given the open source libraries to achieve scheduling, ORM, AOP, etc.) is usually a good choice - and of course, you DON'T ALWAYS need a container as differ

Kanbanish visualization and workflow management for multi-project, multi-team department
by tedrodai in Web Design

I'm trying to think of a simple (and agile in nature) way to visualize a large department's work and bottlenecks, with the idea of gradually improving the process once we have the necessary data.

The problem is that we have multiple groups of developers working on multiple projects. Some developers are cross-project and some projects are cross-team. Developers are very set in their

RESTful multi-step / multi-page forms in Django (ideas/examples)
by Massachusetts in Coding

What are some RESTful ways to transition between pages of a multi-page form in Django?

My current method:

form POSTs to same page
form view validates and stores POST data in session
form view redirects to the next form page upon successful validation.
next form checks if previous data exists. if not, redirects to first form.

Are redirects between f

Automatic multi-page multi-column flowing text with QtWebkit (HTML/CSS/JS -> PDF)
by Rick James Astley in Web Design

I have some HTML documents that are converted to PDF, using software that renders using QtWebkit (not sure which version).

Currently, the documents have specific tags to split into columns and pages - so whenever the wording changes, it is a manual time-consuming process to move these tags so that the columns and pages fit.

Can anyone provide a way to have text auto-wrap

Is Multi-Threaded algorithm required to make use of Multi-core processors?
by Kaveh in Programming Languages

I was just wondering whether we actually need the algorithm to be muti-threaded if it must make use of the multi-core processors or will the jvm make use of multiple core's even-though our algorithm is sequential ?


Related Question:

Muti-Threaded quick or merge sort in java

Has anyone tried a multi-domain/multi-database/single-deployment Rails setup?
by Edo in Databases

I'm developing an app (basically an intranet) which has a few small sets of users, each a company using the app internally.

Up to now, each set of users has its own deployment with a separate domain name and database, but all living on the same server. This means that each time I have to push an upgrade I need to deploy once per client. Also, each new client means adding a new deplo

Best data model for a multi-tenant, multi-language application in .NET with SQL 2008
by bigrod in Programming Languages

I am developing a multi-tenant application in .NET with SQL 2008. Each tenant can specify their own language. For instance, a Chinese company may use my application and want all of their data sorted and searchable via Chinese characters. And a German company may use my application and want all of their data sorted and searchable via German characters.

I am hoping to have one data

.NET's Multi-threading vs Multi-processing: Awful Parallel.ForEach Performance
by Matt Watson in Programming Languages

I have coded a very simple "Word Count" program that reads a file and counts each word's occurrence in the file. Here is a part of the code:

class Alaki
private static List<string> input = new List<string>();
private static void exec(int threadcount)
ParallelOptions options = new ParallelOptions();

Complex Magento Multi-Site & Multi-Currency Solution Required
by WellBeing in Programming Languages

I have a complex online store, meaning that we sell direct to retail customers and we wholesale to stores different countries, and I am very confused as to how you set this up with multi-site and multi-currency.

The Products

Wholesalers can order products before retail customers can, so there are products that wholesale shopper groups can ONLY see, on their wholesale sit


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