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How to Get a Job in a Museum
by Hungary in Careers & Job Searching
For many people, working in a museum is an exciting prospect. Getting out of the stuffy office environment and into interesting or educational surroundings offers the perfect alternative to the traditional 9-5 job. Museums offer many career opportunities, even if you didn’t major in art history or medieval art in college. Like most other businesses, museums need people in public relation
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About Museum Curators
by crooter in Careers & Job Searching
Museum curators help to preserve important pieces of history as well as art for people to learn from and enjoy in future years. A museum curator plays an important role in saving objects of beauty and history for future generations. IdentificationA museum curator's role covers a variety of tasks involved in the preservation of history and art. A curator is responsible for acquiring, cataloging

How to Become a Librarian in an Art Museum
by xguru in Careers & Job Searching
Becoming a librarian of any type is often more difficult that most people think. The educational process is long, and keeping abreast of an ever-changing and evolving field is a lifetime process. Regardless, this is a career that offers unparalleled job satisfaction, flexibility and variety that can be found in few other occupations. The following steps describe the basics of the the process and t

How to Become a Museum Technician
by Edo in Careers & Job Searching
If you've ever visited a museum, you've probably encountered a friendly and helpful staff member who seems to know everything about the exhibit you're looking at. Chances are that person knows how to design and build the exhibits, can repair the artifacts inside the display cases, and may have restored the eighteenth-century dress over in the far corner. You may have just met a museum technician.T

What Does an Art Museum Curator Do?
by reflexiv in Careers & Job Searching
Art curators are the backbone of museums. From large institutions like the Met to local museums in your hometown, art curators are in charge of taking care of their collections. Curators spend their days acquiring new objects, negotiating loans, creating exhibits and reaching out to the public. Overseeing the collectionCurators act as the guardians of their collections. They make sure new acqui

How to Become a Museum Photographer
by asid in Arts & Entertainment
Many people do not understand the technique and skill required to become a photographer. In addition to keeping up with the latest technological trends, you must also have an eye for capturing your subject as well as the capacity for handling client relationships, which in many cases, conflict with your personal and professional opinion on your craft. However, the rewards can be huge as every phot

How to Be a Museum Guide
by clifton anderson in Careers & Job Searching
If you are fascinated by art, history, film or fashion, you can get paid for talking about the things you love by becoming a museum guide. That said, after awhile, many guides suffer from burnout. The energy needed to give exciting tours is dependent on your ability to dynamically interact with others as well as your ability to be bring new insight into old ideas.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingI
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What Is a Living Museum?
by Monev in Arts & Entertainment
Living museums are attractions that focus on presenting art and history in live action rather than with displays or photos. These museums can be found in all corners of the United States and focus on a wide variety of topics. FunctionLiving museums present an accurate portrayal of what life was like in a certain time period with the use of live acting instead of books or photographs. These muse
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How to Apply for a Museum Job
by Hosein Mohtasham in Careers & Job Searching
If you're looking for a job that lets you share your interests with others, employment at a museum may be just the right job for you. However, there's more to working at a museum than just enjoying certain subjects. You need to be able to prove that you are an expert in the field, and you need to know how to get that information across when you apply for the job.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions
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Museum Grants
by malbojah in Education
While entry fees are essential to the budget of museums, grants are also an important funding resource. Outside sources of income provide museums with the ability to mount special exhibitions, develop new programming, undertake art restoration projects and engage in community-outreach activities. Grants sources include government agencies and private foundations. Native American/Native Hawaiian
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