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How to add delay before autoplay music starts in master page with flash music player
by ChaseVoid in Web Design

I want to add some seconds of delay when I visit to every page in my website I am using autoplay on it.
Is there any parameter that can be used with flashvars so that I could add some seconds of delay before music starts because default menter code hereusic starts for 1 or 2 sec everytime I visit new page.


<object type="application/x-s

How to create a ring tone of the music file imported from the music library
by Jerome in Mobile Programming

I need to create a ring tone application, in which the user select a file from the music library, and import it to application, and after importing he will be able to create a ring tone of that music file. Any help will greatly be appreciated. because i am new to this field.

Detecting location of music note dots in a sheet music image
by Sigtryggur in Programming Languages

I want to start a project that uses a very basic form of optical music recognition.

For those who understand sheet music: Unlike other OMR projects, the only information which needs to be extracted is the order and pitch values of each note in a bar. Quarter notes, half notes and whole notes need to be distinguished. Shorter notes can acceptably be interpreted as quarter notes. Dots

How to Transfer Your Music From Your Music Folder to iTunes & Download to iPhone
by MisterLilBig in Electronics
Apple's iPhone is a powerful smart phone device capable of full Internet and email access -- among other multimedia features -- in addition to typical cell phone functions like calls and text messaging. The iPhone additionally has an iPod media player installed, one you update in exactly the same manner as you would with a stand alone iPod device.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things Yo

Colleges That Provide a Major in Music Tech & Music Theory
by peitschie in Education
Music production is a growing career field that is cropping up in an increasing number of colleges and universities as areas of study. Music theory is a more commonly found degree opportunity, but both can lead to an exciting job in music performance, teaching or production. California University of PennsylvaniaCalifornia University of Pennsylvania is located in the city of California, Pennsylv

How to Change E-Flat Alto Saxophone Music Into Guitar Music
by 007ELmO in Arts & Entertainment
Both the alto saxophone and guitar play music that is written on the treble clef, but a G on the alto saxophone is not the same as a G on a guitar. This is because for some instruments, like the alto saxophone, it is easier to write uncluttered music --- music that does not need a large amount of ledger lines to display a basic melody --- by changing the names of the notes. When transposing E-flat

How to Make Background Music on Cyberlink Power Director With Your Own Music
by Mai72 in Computers
Beyond learning the basic navigational skills required to use the program, adding background music to a video is likely one of the first things many users will want to do with Cyberlink PowerDirector. While PowerDirector comes with a wide variety of music, you might want to add your own. Adding music can sometimes transform an otherwise dull clip into something much more interesting. Background mu

Play game background music with iPod music using CocosDenshion
by Mason McCuskey in Operating Systems

As you can suggest, I have a trouble =)

In the game I use CocosDenshion for playing both background music and sound effects. As far as I know and can see in the code, it uses AVAudioPlayer to play background music. The trouble is appeared when I try to launch my app with music from iPod library.

I set audio category to AmbientSound (tried setting both with AVAudioSessi

Music feature extraction/Music Information retreival tools
by NAM TRON in Databases

I'm getting started with a project on using data mining and machine learning algorithms for music feature extraction and information retrieval. Can you suggest me some tools for the same _ firstly we are concentrating on feature extraction tools.I have found some like
jAudioSymbolic extractor,Yaafe,openSmile..Can you tell me about some more tools and maybe any advice on going forward with

How to Get Music From Your Android Music Market to Play as an Alert for Your SMS Messages
by George H. in Android
The Android operating system makes it simple for users to upload and customize ringtones for individual contacts. With MP3 files from the Android Music Market, you can also set up music to play as the notification for your incoming SMS texts. Once enabled and selected, the clip will play whenever you receive a text, as long the phone's ringer setting is activated.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstruct

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