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How to Reinstall MythBuntu
by Gurpreet Singh in Computers
Mythbuntu is a Linux operating system based on the Ubuntu distribution from Canonical with a focus on the MythTV Linux personal video recording application. Mythbuntu is ideal for those looking for a free way to turn their computer into a home theater PC. A home theater PC connects to the TV, allowing the user to record television shows and playback movies on the computer's hard drive. If somethin

How to Install Nautilus in Mythbuntu
by dmxlite in Computers
Mythbuntu uses Thunar as its file management package even though Mythbuntu is based on Ubuntu, which uses Nautilus. The two operating systems use different file managers because they use different desktop environments and the systems were designed to do different things. Since Mythbuntu was designed as a personal video recording system for MythTV, it does not need Nautilus. However, if you want, y

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