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How to Make a Naked Egg
by Vinicios in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Want to spice up your weekend a bit? Make a naked egg! This is a science project that is easy to do. All you need is a few ingredients to make an egg without a shell. Here is how to make a naked egg.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
2 eggs
about 3 cups white vinegar
Container with a lid

Get your act to

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Can You See Bedbugs With the Naked Eye?
by ElFenix in Home & Garden
Bedbugs are parasitic insects that live on the blood of warm-blooded animals. They were largely eradicated in the United States after World War II but re-emerged as a household pest in 1995. In their adult form, they are reddish and oval. They cannot fly and, while not being strictly nocturnal, prefer to be active at night. Adult bedbugs are easy to spot in the open, but they tend to hide in crevi
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How to Be Comfortable Naked
by mikk in Relationships & Family
Being comfortable naked is a very important step for you. There are many times in your life that you will find yourself naked and you need to be comfortable and not self-conscious when these situations occur. The following steps will tell you how to be even more comfortable in the nude.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Start being naked more frequently. When you are home alone or sleeping, start

What Is Naked Shorting?
by Tom Clark in Personal Finance
Naked shorting is an investment strategy that, if carried out with care, can reward stock-market speculators with sizable profits. But this strategy also carries high risk for individuals, and should only be attempted by those capable of absorbing a large capital loss. The Short SaleAs any market watcher knows, common stocks can rise and fall from one day, and one minute, to the next. Financial

Could someone explain __declspec(naked) please?
by Zack Harvey in Operating Systems

I'm looking into porting a script engine written for Windows to Linux; it's for Winamp's visualization platform AVS. I'm not sure if it's even possible at the moment. From what I can tell the code is taking the addresses of the C functions nseel_asm_atan and nseel_asm_atan_end and storing them inside a table that it can reference during code execution.


Redirecting naked URL to www DNS issues
by Drift King in Programming Languages

I'm on heroku and I'm trying to get http://domain.com/* to redirect to http://www.domain.com/*. Using rack-rewrite, I got http://myapp.herokuapp.com/* to successfully redirect to http://www.domain.com/*. I can't however get http://domain.com/* to redirect to http://www.domain.com/*.

Looking at

How to do Naked Objects .NET MVC without persistence
by DJ-phYre in Programming Languages

I'm looking to re-write an admin app, and I already have a pretty clean domain class library and web services/databases to handle all the business logic and persistence. That is, the library already provides CreateFoo, GetFoo, and UpdateFoo methods, that by default use existing web services.

I thought I might use Naked Objects for .NET MVC to write a new web admin tool. It seems li

C# Naked Type constraint
by mdiezb in Coding

Recently I have read a term "naked type constraint" in the context of Generics.What does it
mean? Where do we use it?

Do I need to add both naked and www domain to my heroku app?
by sarah in Programming Languages

I am still not clear from the docs, if I want my website, say "joe.com" to work on heroku both through the "joe.com" and "www.joe.com" (I am using DNSimple), do I need to have both of them in my app's Domains?

E.g. should my app have both "joe.com" and "www.joe.com" in the Settings/Domains field? Or just the "joe.com"?

The docs say that for apex domains I only need to cr

Best WP blank(naked) template?
by kraszie in Web Design

I like to coding few wordpress templates, and did search around that found there are few naked templates available, which i can start with.

As i am pretty new for wordpress, can you recommend the best naked template as foundation I can use?


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