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Linq in C# Query needed - One to many table relationship, one to many records needed
by ruby in C & C++ & C#

need help to accomplish this in linq.

I have 3 tables.




I need to list in one query all customers ( only if they have placed atleast one order) with all the orders for each customer only if order value is greated than 100.



EF CTP4: For Code Only, no database generation needed, how much DB info is needed?
by Mattias Reichel in Coding

I have a database, and I have entity POCO's, and all I want to use EF for is to map between the two and keep track of changes for loading, saving, etc.

I have been reading a lot of the literature (such as it is) on "Code First", and I am unclear on how much of the database information I need to supply when there is not going to be a database generated.

For example, does

Help needed implementing a web based file management system with a file hierarchy system, help needed with logic on storing of fileLocation and folder
by Nate Childers in Programming Languages

i am trying to create a web application that will allow users to upload files online, i am using gwt while using hibernate for database communication, i am able to upload file to a server , and store them on the server. but what i want is to associate the files with a user.

i want the user to be able to create folders and store a file in sub folders. my logic was to use the composi

Why Is UDP Needed?
by BabaBooey in Computers
The User Datagram Protocol, or UDP is part of the TCP/IP suite of networking protocols. TCP/IP, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol is the most widely used set of protocols for formatting data for transfer over networks. UDP is one of two transport protocols in the group. The other being the more popular Transmission Control Protocol. Although, for many years, few applications used UDP
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When Is CPR Needed?
by malbojah in Health
CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It consists of forceful downward thrusts upon the center of the chest, and sometimes rescue breathing or artificial respiration. CPR is used to sustain life until other medical treatments can be initiated. UsesTraditionally, rescuers were advised to initiate CPR when the victim was unresponsive and had no breath sounds and/or no pulse. In June 2009,
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What Is Needed to Become a Cop?
by LookBehindYou in Business
The requirements for becoming a police officer in the United States vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions require recruits to be residents, while others recruit officers from throughout the country. Although every jurisdiction is different, most are similar in terms of minimum requirements. Thus, the information given is meant to be an overview, as requirements are not entirel
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What Is Needed for a PhD?
by Skipholiday in Education
The requirements for a PhD, or Philosophy of Doctorate degree, vary widely, depending on the institution, course of study and the student's background coming into the program. Students with coursework in the chosen field will find a challenging curriculum, although students coming in from a different field or seeking a career change will find it even more so. Prerequisites, core courses, additiona
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awk help needed :
by cakephp in Programming Languages

I have a file with the contents as such:

item1 item2 <--- can be 1 or more and up to probably 10+



item2 item3 item4 <-- 1 or more as well






And this data needs to be formatted into:

item1 date1 date2

item2 date1 d

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Is this if needed?
by Dré in Programming Languages

This method is generated by Xcode 3.2 using "Accessor defs to clipboard"

- (void)setBodyMass:(int)newBodyMass {
if (bodyMass != newBodyMass) {
bodyMass = newBodyMass;

Could I just as easily write this as you see below? It seems to be doing a conditional test to save it doing a possible redundant assignment.

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Is int ever needed on x64?
by CrimsonGore in Programming Languages

C code targeting x64, as has been previously discussed, should always use size_t instead of int for things like counts and array indexes.

Given that, it would arguably be simpler and less error prone to just standardize on size_t (typedef'd to something shorter) instead of int as the usual integer type across the entire code base.

Is there anything I'm missing? Assuming

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