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What Does it Mean to Negotiate?
by tgwizard in Education
You hear it often in society that someone is a "tough negotiator" or people are "in negotiations." People tend to feel that they are either a negotiator or not one at all. The reality is that everyone negotiates, and you can improve your negotiation skills if you understand what the goals of negotiation are. "Negotiate" DefinitionAccording to Webster's New World Dictionary, the term "negotiate"

How to Negotiate With UPS
by MikeT in Business
If you own or manage a business that requires you to ship items frequently, negotiating your shipping rates with UPS is one of the easiest ways to cut some of your business costs. UPS is willing to negotiate with businesses to prevent them from moving to a competitor, and you may be surprised by how much you can lower your shipping rates by investing a little time into research, preparation and ne
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How Much Can I Negotiate a Used Car?
by kevotheclone in Personal Finance
Negotiating the purchase price of a used car presents a great challenge and opportunity for a potential buyer. A car is one of the largest purchases a person will ever make. The challenge is to understand the needs of both parties. The opportunity is to save hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars by making a thoughtful and appropriate purchase. Follow these steps to go into any used car purcha

How to Negotiate
by liganic in Personal Finance
Many people hate negotiating, but with a few simple tactics, it can be rewarding and fun. The following steps relate mostly to making purchases but the overall ideas--research the market, be upbeat and positive, and know what something is worth to you--can be applied to almost any negotiation. Check out the eHow related article on How to Be a Savvy Consumer as well.Difficulty:Moderately Challengin
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How to Negotiate Better Pay
by Kronvict in Careers & Job Searching
Negotiating for better pay is not an easy task, especially if you're a young worker or if you work for a smaller company. Your employer will try to tell you that you don't have enough experience to justify the higher salary or that there just isn't any extra money in the budget to hand out raises. Learning a few negotiating techniques can help you make your case and get the pay you deserve.Difficu
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How to Negotiate a Job
by terrestris in Careers & Job Searching
Negotiating a job involves a little more than just making a proposal during an interview before you get hired. Chances are by that time the company already knows what it is going to give you. Being able to negotiate your position, your schedule, your salary and everything else you want depends on many factors throughout the job hunting process. If you want to successfully negotiate your job, you'v
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How to Negotiate on a Used Car
by Djuxy in Cars
Purchasing a used car can save you money and land you a nicer car than you could otherwise afford. Haggling for a lower price can lower car payments and make a dream car a reality. Used cars can have problems that must be fixed, so haggling over whether repair costs will be included in the price is important.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Make a list of problems with the car. Every used car ha
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The Best Way to Negotiate
by CWC in Business
Negotiation is an art. To be successful, the negotiator must have tact and persistence. Not everyone has the nerve to be a professional negotiator, but at some point in your life you will have to know how to make a deal, whether it is for your new home, buying a car, or negotiating a settlement. Basic negotiation tactics aren't difficult to learn and almost anyone can negotiate a satisfactory deal
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How to Negotiate With Your Mom
by Bernhard in Relationships & Family
Asserting yourself and becoming an independent, responsible person are signs you're growing up. While you might feel restricted by your mother's care, it's normal for a mother to be cautious and protective when it comes to what her child can or cannot do. These two different mindsets can create conflict. If you want to foster a happy relationship between you and your mother, try practicing fair-mi

What to Negotiate in a New Job
by amelim in Business
Negotiating certain perks and benefits in a job offer you are considering is important to getting the most out of your potential new job. A wide range of items can be negotiated upon in job offers, and they often depend on the personalities of the job seeker and the potential employer, as well as the ability of a particular company to negotiate based on its financial situation. Pick a few of the i
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