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NetConnection failed
by eskimospy in Web Design

I recently downloaded Adobe media server starter 5.0. I am unable to connect to FMS using rtmfp. I keep receiving the NetConnection.Connect.Failed error. When i run it locally things appear to be working fine.

I have checked ports 80, 443, and 1935 and they are all open.

How should i diagnose this.
What are the common causes of this problem?

Thank You.

NetConnection and flexunit
by bkircher in Programming Languages

Is possible to perform a net connection test using flexunit?

private var _controller:ConfigParameterController;
public function setUp():void {
this._controller = new ConfigParameterController("", 3000);
public function tearDown():void {

How do I cancel an AMF Call with NetConnection?
by znotdead in Programming Languages

Let's say that I have a NetConnection Object inside a Singleton Pattern that is shared with all Data Access Object classes throughout all my application. Now, you went on a screen and asked to load 5 thousands of records because you want to search for some mistake or whatever. But now you just realized that you're in the wrong screen and you actually wants 5 thousand of records from another "En

flex 3: netconnection - how do i set a timeout?
by Carbito in Web Design

Using flex 3, how do i set a timeout for a NetConnection?

code sample:

nc=new NetConnection();
nc.addEventListener (NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS,checkConnect);

ipv6 in Flash NetConnection
by Griff in Programming Languages

I have tried connecting to an IPv6 RTMP URL using Flash's NetConnection but cannot do so, is this really the case or am I just missing something? I think Flash is not able to parse the IPv6 properly since it contains colon and the first colon in the RTMP URL format after the host is supposed to come on the "port" part


Adobe Air crash on NetConnection call
by Meg in Programming Languages

I have an Adobe Air mobile application that has a NetConnection. One on call to my AMF server it makes the call and everything returns fine. When I make a second call my app crashes.

Anyone one run into this?

Adobe AIR NetConnection + IOS Memory Issue
by Jonathan in Operating Systems

I am having a problem on IOS where my mobile app Force Closes and throws a EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV).
The way I have managed to replicate this is by:
1. starting a netconnection
2. deactivating the application by moving either home or to a different app
3. return to the app and disconnect the netconnection.

This does not happen all the time but in my experience i

AS3 - Reliability of NetConnection calls using RTMFP / UDP?
by Zack Harvey in Programming Languages

My applet connects to FMS4.5 using RTMFP. I open one NetConnection and stream video from the server to the applet using a NetStream. When i want to execute a function on either the applet or the server i use a NetConnection.call();

My question is does AS3 do anything internally to make sure the call over UDP happens or is there a risk of UDP loss and the function never happening whe

Connecting to web server using flash.net.NetConnection
by Andrew S. in Programming Languages

The ActionScript 3.0 Reference says the following about flash.net.NetConnection:

The NetConnection class creates a two-way connection between a client and a server. The client can be a Flash Player or AIR application. The server can be a web server, Flash Media Server, an application server running Flash Remoting, or the Adobe Stratus service. Call NetConnection.c

how to check netconnection in firewall & proxy environment in c#
by Jason Terhorst in C & C++ & C#

i have used the following code to check for internet connection it works perfectly without firewall & proxy. how do i check net connection in firewall & proxy mode. please help me

private static ManualResetEvent connectDone = new ManualResetEvent(false);
public static bool IsInternetConnected()
int Desc;
string[] sitesList = { "www.google.co.in", "


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