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How do I decide between theme('node', $node) and drupal_render($node->content) for programmatic $node output
Category : Web Design

Given a $node, I'm trying to decide between the following two ways of outputting that $node.


$output = theme('node', $node);


$output = drupal_render($node->content);

They both seem to give similar results, but is there something I should consider before

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In Drupal 6 how do i automatically create CCK fields on a node when a new node of a referenced node type is created?
Category : Web Design

I'm using Drupal 6 and Views 2, along with CCK, Panels and Node Relationships. (so far)

I have two basic content types defined:

User Profile (using Content Profile module)

Each of these content types has a node reference to two other content types, Tier and Commission:

User Profile content references "Tier" content
Product content referenc

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How do I expand a node (parent node) in an ASP.NET Dynamic TreeView Control upon click of the text of the node?
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I have a treeview control, the nodes and their children of which I populate on the server side from a DataTable.

How do I expand any node of the control upon click of it's rendered text?

Altering the TreeNodeSelectAction property of the node doesn't help.

I know that this property works for Tree View Controls that are not populated

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How do i select the preceding nodes of a text node starting from a specific node and not the root node?
Category : Development Tools & Services

How do i select the preceding nodes of a text node starting from a specific node whose id i know instead of getting the text nodes from the root node?

When i invoke the below piece from a template match of text node,
I get all the preceding text nodes from the root. I want to modify the above piece of code to select only the text nodes that appear after the node having a spec

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How to set threeview node checkbox to mix state i.e. if any of the child node is selected, Parent node should fill in to indicate that
Category : Programming Languages

I am working on a windows form application, where I connect to the database and get a list of projects and sub-projects. I am able to show this as a treeview with checkboxes, that later an user can select to do further operations.

My problem is that, I can't set the Parent node state when one of the child nodes is selected. Here, I want some indication, if any of the child nodes is

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how can i extract node title and node content for ajax manipulation before node submit?
Category : Web Design

I need to perform some operations by ajax before a node is submitted. So, how can I capture the node content and title which has been filled in by the user and pass it onto my ajax callback ?

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How can I conditionally compile native code for node.js based on the node version using node-gyp?
Category : Web Design

I have some C++ code for a node.js module that is written for node 0.8 and its enhanced libuv. Specifically I am using the uv_mutex_* functions, which don't exist in the libuv included in node 0.6. I want to conditionally embed pthreads equivalents of these functions, but only when built on the old version.

This should give me a cross-platform build (Windows and Linux) when built

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Prompt a csv file to download as pop up using node.js and node-csv-parser (node module)
Category : Programming Languages

Recently I have started working with node.js. While going through a requirement in one of my projects I am facing an issue where I should be able to write some data to a csv file dynamically and let it prompt as a popup to download for user (with save and cancel options - as we normally see). After googling for some time I decided to use csv npm module https://github.com/wdavidw/node-csv-parser

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linq to xml select sibling node of node that Node value starts with
Category : Programming Languages

I need to replicate a xsl statement where is selecting the sibling node of the node value starts with.


XSL statement

<xsl:value-of select="//FullProblemList/Test[starts-with(ReadCode, '13l')]/Notes"/>

linq statement

if (document.Descendants("FullProblemList").Descendants("Test").Descendants("ReadCode").First().

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How to find a node if parent node and child node has same name?
Category : Programming Languages

I am working on a project in which I have to operate XML files using java.
Earlier I was getting nodes by using node name, ie. getElementsByTagName(). Now a problem arises when I have an xml file with parent node and child node with same name.
How can I distinguish between them.

This a short sample of my xml file.


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