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How do I decide between theme('node', $node) and drupal_render($node->content) for programmatic $node output
by Djuxy in Web Design

Given a $node, I'm trying to decide between the following two ways of outputting that $node.


$output = theme('node', $node);


$output = drupal_render($node->content);

They both seem to give similar results, but is there something I should consider before

How do I expand a node (parent node) in an ASP.NET Dynamic TreeView Control upon click of the text of the node?
by WellBeing in ASP & ASP.net

I have a treeview control, the nodes and their children of which I populate on the server side from a DataTable.

How do I expand any node of the control upon click of it's rendered text?

Altering the TreeNodeSelectAction property of the node doesn't help.

I know that this property works for Tree View Controls that are not populated

In Drupal 6 how do i automatically create CCK fields on a node when a new node of a referenced node type is created?
by Christopher Harris in Web Design

I'm using Drupal 6 and Views 2, along with CCK, Panels and Node Relationships. (so far)

I have two basic content types defined:

User Profile (using Content Profile module)

Each of these content types has a node reference to two other content types, Tier and Commission:

User Profile content references "Tier" content
Product content referenc

How do i select the preceding nodes of a text node starting from a specific node and not the root node?
by Shailja in Development Tools & Services

How do i select the preceding nodes of a text node starting from a specific node whose id i know instead of getting the text nodes from the root node?

When i invoke the below piece from a template match of text node,
I get all the preceding text nodes from the root. I want to modify the above piece of code to select only the text nodes that appear after the node having a spec

How to set threeview node checkbox to mix state i.e. if any of the child node is selected, Parent node should fill in to indicate that
by Belgium in Programming Languages

I am working on a windows form application, where I connect to the database and get a list of projects and sub-projects. I am able to show this as a treeview with checkboxes, that later an user can select to do further operations.

My problem is that, I can't set the Parent node state when one of the child nodes is selected. Here, I want some indication, if any of the child nodes is

how can i extract node title and node content for ajax manipulation before node submit?
by Zack Harvey in Web Design

I need to perform some operations by ajax before a node is submitted. So, how can I capture the node content and title which has been filled in by the user and pass it onto my ajax callback ?

How can I conditionally compile native code for node.js based on the node version using node-gyp?
by Henschkowski in Web Design

I have some C++ code for a node.js module that is written for node 0.8 and its enhanced libuv. Specifically I am using the uv_mutex_* functions, which don't exist in the libuv included in node 0.6. I want to conditionally embed pthreads equivalents of these functions, but only when built on the old version.

This should give me a cross-platform build (Windows and Linux) when built

Prompt a csv file to download as pop up using node.js and node-csv-parser (node module)
by Skipholiday in Programming Languages

Recently I have started working with node.js. While going through a requirement in one of my projects I am facing an issue where I should be able to write some data to a csv file dynamically and let it prompt as a popup to download for user (with save and cancel options - as we normally see). After googling for some time I decided to use csv npm module https://github.com/wdavidw/node-csv-parser

linq to xml select sibling node of node that Node value starts with
by Pepe Araya in Programming Languages

I need to replicate a xsl statement where is selecting the sibling node of the node value starts with.


XSL statement

<xsl:value-of select="//FullProblemList/Test[starts-with(ReadCode, '13l')]/Notes"/>

linq statement

if (document.Descendants("FullProblemList").Descendants("Test").Descendants("ReadCode").First().

How to find a node if parent node and child node has same name?
by Japan in Programming Languages

I am working on a project in which I have to operate XML files using java.
Earlier I was getting nodes by using node name, ie. getElementsByTagName(). Now a problem arises when I have an xml file with parent node and child node with same name.
How can I distinguish between them.

This a short sample of my xml file.



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