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context.getContentResolver().query(ContactsContract.Data.CONTENT_URI, null , null ,null, null);
by Deledrius in Programming Languages

Hi I am working in Android Contact search module.I am running below Query.

cur = context.getContentResolver().query(ContactsContract.Data.CONTENT_URI, null , null ,null, null);

from this query I am getting Result Multiple times.Is there any thing which I am doing wrong.I want DISTINCT Result Set.

please Help me.

Thanks is

“Invalid use of Null” when using Str() with a Null Recordset field, but Str(Null) works fine
by Ingo in Programming Languages

I'm banging my head against the wall on this one. I was looking at some old database reporting code written in VB6 and came across this line (the code is moving data from a "source" database into a reporting database):

rsTarget!VehYear = Trim(Str(rsSource!VehYear))

When rsSource!VehYear is Null, the above line generates an "Invalid u

NHibernate component loading as null when many-to-one NULL, despite several non-null properties
by jihe in Programming Languages

I understand that when all the properties of a mapped component are null in the database, NHibernate will set the component to null. However, in the following case the component is being set to null if the many-to-one item LevelOfInvolvement is null, despite the fact that all the other properties of the component are not null.

Changing the value of the LevelOfInvolvement column in

Credentials.acquireTGTFromCache(null, null) returns null using jre 7
by Mark W in Programming Languages

I'm admittedly unfamiliar with the JAAS API, but need to help out with investigation with a problem we encountered while upgrading to jre 7. Apps that used to be able to auto-login using the currently logged on Windows users name stops working. After some poking around, it comes to this line of code.

sun.security.krb5.Credentials.Credentials.acquireTGTFromCache(null, null);

Get database field non null values which contain both null and not null
by CrimsonGore in Databases

I have a question related to query . I have a table in which a hava these field

Table : Videos
Fields : id , video_id , video_title_image_id , video_title_image

Now it is optional to have either video_title_image_id or video_title_image
Let suppose a have records like this

id video_id video_title_image_id video_title_image
Java String.valueOf(null) throws NPE, but Object a = null; String.valueOf(a) returns 'null'
by Kneedragger in Programming Languages

Is there a logical language-design-type explanation for the following behaviour (Java 7 and I suspect earlier editions as well):

Object a = null;
String as = String.valueOf(a); // as is assigned "null"
System.out.println(as+":"+as.length()); // prints: "null:4"
System.out.println ( String.valueOf(null)); // NPE

Passing null in AJAX request Rails interprets it as “null”
by bdurbin in Programming Languages

I am trying to send an AJAX request via the $.ajax to a Rails 3 backend and I am stuck to a weird behavior. Take for example the following request:

url: $(this).attr('href'),
type: 'PUT',
dataType: "json",
data: {a: null},
success: function (data) {

Outlook VBA script failing with null reference error, but the objects aren't null
by FlyOnTheWall43 in Programming Languages

I've got an Outlook VBA script which calls on a custom dll to perform a particular function. The assembly is compiled to be COM visible, but is not strong named due because of a myriad of dependencies, and thus is not registered in the GAC. To work around that, I've simply placed the assembly and it's dependencies in the appropriate Program Files location where outlook finds them. No problem

Django: “conflicting NULL/NOT NULL declarations” from sqlite3 to Postgres
by doctorbigtime in Databases

I've been working on a sqlite3 database with a Django project. I'm moving the project to the production environment where I use Postgres. I've used South, so I have all my migrations automated.

I'm running into the following error while trying to migrate the schema:

[05/Feb/2013 16:38:31] DEBUG [south:270] execute "ALTER TABLE "frontend_userprofile" ADD COLUMN "id" se

javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Target Unreachable, 'null' returned null on foreign key reference
by JGKelly in Programming Languages

I know there is something wrong with the managedBean but i cant figure out what it is

When I try departmentManagedBean.department.faculty.facultyName from the jsf page it gives a null pointer like this:

javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: /administrator/department/DepartmentRegistration.xhtml @30,260 value="#{departmentRequestBean.department.faculty.facul

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