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How to count numbers between 2 numbers L and R (both included) such that product of the digits of the selected numbers is even?
by Pat in Programming Languages

How to find the count of numbers between 2 numbers L and R (both included) which have product of their digits even?
How can we go about it other than brute force?

for(int l=1;l<=9;l++)

read numbers from files in columns, one column whole numbers, other column numbers with decimals
by Mike Bakalov in Programming Languages
int price=' '; // attempt to grab a decimal number - but not the correct way
int itemnum=' '; // attempt to grab a whole number - but not the right way
while((price== (price*1.00)) && (itemnum == (itemnum*1)))

What is a way to get numbers in 2 diff columns where one column is whole numbers and the other are numbers with decimal places?

in my field First 5 numbers should display as numbers but remaining 4 numbers should display as stars
by mitry in Web Design

I have a requirement, I have number field when I am trying to enter numbers the first 3 digits should come as stars then a "-" then next 2 digits stars and then "-" then the last 4 digits should display the numbers.

Example : If I am trying to enter 123456789
It should display to user ***-**-6789 but it should save in databa

Are the Numbers on the Back of the Social Security Card the Routing Numbers for the Federal Reserve?
by fukas78 in Legal
The American Bankers Association contracts with Accuity to assign financial institutions nine digit routing transit numbers to identify transactions between banks. The Social Security Administration issues Social Security numbers based on the applicant's zip code. Social Security CardsThere have been 34 versions of the Social Security card. The only numbers shown on the back of any versions ar

how would i put a whole bunch of float numbers into a list and then find the lowest common multiple of all the numbers?
by AtenRa in Web Design

how would i put a whole bunch of float numbers into a list and then find the lowest common multiple of all the numbers?

My problem is that i have a text file with info on solar systems and i have isolated the value for the period of revolution for each planet and their moons and i would like to find the LCM for all the periods. The problem is the periods are all in floats not intege

Calculate Excel range when user select row numbers and column numbers
by JustinDSN in Programming Languages

I have a method in c# Form Application to return data from excel when given a Range.

Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet aWs = aWb.Worksheets[sheetName] as Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet;
Range headers = aWs.get_Range(range1, range2);
object[,] values = headers.get_Value(hmissing) as object[,];


function that works immediately and replaces all the english numbers to arabic numbers
by rhinojosa in Web Design

I have this function

var map =
function getArabicNumbers(str)
var newStr = "";
str = String(str);
for(i=0; i<str.length; i++)
newStr += map[parseInt(

Error in replacing english numbers to arabic numbers using dictionary and linq in c#
by Waynew in C & C++ & C#

I had written a function using dictionary and linq to replace English number to arabic number in any given string. But the function is not replacing exactly. For eg, if english number is 12345, the arabic number is 12534 or 53214 in arabic. What can be the problem?

My function is as follows,

private Dictionary<string, string> NumbersInArabic()

How do I Stop a Browser from Displaying Skype Numbers Instead of Normal Phone Numbers?
by Kronvict in Computers
Skype is an instant messenger service that also allows you to make phone calls and video calls. When you install Skype, it comes bundled with the Skype browser add-in. One of the features is that it highlights every telephone number on a web page you are viewing. It turns the telephone number into a Skype button. Clicking on it automatically opens Skype and allows you to call the number. If you fi

how to do? User type some numbers and then another function return result of addition of these numbers? (C/C++)
by Rit Li in Programming Languages

how to do? User type some numbers and then another function return result of addition of these numbers? (C/C++)

for example, user type in 3 4 7 and then he see printed on screen 14
another one, user type 5 6 and gets 11

I'm a beginner in programming C, so I ask you to help me, please

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