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Building a body signed oauth xml request for LTI Outcomes service using pecl oauth
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using the pecl oAuth library, is it possible to build a body signed oauth request that looks like:

POST http://www.imsglobal.org/developers/BLTI/service_handle.php HTTP/1.0
Content-Length: 757
Authorization: OAuth realm="",oauth_version="1.0",

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Do commercial OAuth servers exist? Looking to integrate OAuth with a permission based authorization service
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm looking into building an Authentication/Authorization service that will use an OAuth interface for user authentication and authorization delegation. As well I'd like to be able to manage the relationship between token credentials and delegated permissions i.e. given token credentials granted to a consumer on behalf of some user, here is a set of permissions granted to this consumer through

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Generate oauth token for https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize
Category : Development Tools & Services

I managed to implement calls to Twitter API with OAuth autentication, building authorization headers enconding a string composed with (among others): consumer key, consumer key secret, token and token secret, where token and token secret where string obtained after the authorization of the user which is authoricing my application.

With the new method of https://api.twitter.com/oaut

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Issues POSTing XML to OAuth and Signature Invalid with Ruby OAuth Gem
Category : Development Tools & Services

[Cross-posted from the OAuth Ruby Google Group. If you couldn't help me there, don't worry bout it]

I'm working on integrating a project with TripIt's OAuth API
and am running into a weird issue.

I authenticate fine, I store and retrieve the token/secret for a given
user with no problem, I can even make GET requests to a number of
services using the gem. B

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Keep getting OAuth::Unauthorized error when using oauth and twitter ruby gems
Category : Programming Languages

I am using the ruby twitter gem and oauth to gain access to users twitter accounts. In my code, I have:

unless @user.twitter_authd?
oauth = Twitter::OAuth.new('token', 'secret')
session[:twitter_request_token] = oauth.request_token.token
session[:twitter_request_secret] = oauth.request_token.secret
@twitter_auth_url = oauth.request_tok

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401 unauthorized error in oauth with Jira 2L0 in Rails using oauth-plugin
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to hook up an OAuth consumer using 2-legged authentication. I have two questions:

1) is it possible to use Oauth with a custom REST plugin (as opposed to the built-in API)

2) as a test of the built-in REST API, I'm trying the following, and receiving:

<Net::HTTPUnauthorized 401 Unauthorized readbody=true>
{"errorMessages":["You do not

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Don't pass OAuth in POST variables - PHP OAuth Pecl library
Category : PHP

I am working with a third party service that requires me to authenticate through OAuth1 to make requests. I can successfully authenticate and get data back with most of their calls using GET, however some calls they require POST and this is where the problem lies. To authenticate I am using the below:

$oauth = new OAuth(MY_KEY,MY_SECRET);

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Getting started with java and OAuth - should we use code.google.com/p/oauth?
Category : Java

Trying to get started with OAuth - I have a webapp using google app engine (java). I'd like to let users find friends via twitter, gmail, yahoo, etc etc. For this I believe I need to get them to authorize my app, then I can use each api to search their friends/contacts etc.

I believe I'm supposed to copy all the contents of the:



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PHP+Oauth/ different oauth providers return different user data. what to do?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm having login through several oauth providers on my site. The problem is that they all [oauth providers] return users data in different formats, e.g. country=280 and country=US or sex=male and sex=2. Besides one field can have different name on different oauth providers, e.g. sex and gender.

Is there a

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As an OAuth Server, how should I be generating and storing OAuth 2.0 Tokens?
Category : Web Design

OAuth 2 tokens are just random blobs. I've seen implementations of OAuth servers that seem to suggest storing this random string directly in the database and looking it up.

This goes against my better judgment.

A token is essentially another password for a user. Storing these tokens in plain-text in a database - even though these passwords are generated randomly - seem

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