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Convert byte to binary, append output to string, convert to double, print output…losing bits on output
by niswilsonnissen in Programming Languages

So, I am having trouble with some code.

I want this function to take in a byte array(testing with single byte for now), convert the byte into binary and then append it to a "1." to use in a calculation.


ouput: 01110000 ----> 1.01110000

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include &l

BASH - How can I send them to dialogue only standard output and to file /root/sh/sh.log standard output + output error
by Robert M in Network & Servers

Good day

How can I send them to dialogue only standard output and to file /root/sh/sh.log standard output + output error

# I need
dialog == standard output
/root/sh/sh.log == standard output + error output
# My experimental
start 2>&1 /root/sh/menu.log | dialog --stdout --progressbox 20 200;

Thank you

Reason for output 1 bit differences between Linux-gcc compiled C code output and MS-VS2008 compiled output?
by jgood in Operating Systems

I have a Theora video deocder library and application compiled using VS-2008 on windows(Intel x86 architecture). I use this setup to decode theora bit streams(*.ogg files). The source code for this decoder library is used from FFMPEG v0.5 source package with some modifications to make it compile on windows-VS-2008 combination.

Now when i decode same theora bitstream using the ffmpe

Bash scripting: How do I parse the output of a command and perform an action based on that output?
by Pedro Varela in Network & Servers

I am using wget to grab some files from one of our servers once an hour if they have been updated. I would like the script to e-mail an employee when wget downloads the updated file.

When wget does not retrieve the file, the last bit of text wget outputs is

file.exe' -- not retrieving.
<blank line>

How do I watch for that bit of text an

How do I stop the Visual Studio Output window displaying the logger name of log4net output?
by Micah in Programming Languages

I am using log4net DebugAppender (or TraceAppender). I have configured the appender like this:

<appender name="DebugAppender" type="log4net.Appender.DebugAppender">
<immediateFlush value="true" />
<layout type="log4net.Layout.PatternLayout">
<conversionPattern value="%level %message%newline" />
How to format the output file created with sqlplus?Why one of the output blocks appears two times?
by Matthew Steed in Programming Languages

I used this steps Oracle 10g - Write queries results to file in order to create a xml file. So this is the sql script which I loaded with

c:>sqlplus -s username/password@database.domain.com < tmp.sql > output.txt

set pagesize 0;
set serveroutput on
set termout off
set verify off
set heading off
set lo

gtest output not appearing in visual studio output window after including msxml4
by cbot5000 in Programming Languages

I have gtest all setup and running fine with Visual Studio 8.

I've included msxml 4.0 in my build and now the test output won't show up in the visual studio output window.

The application will run if launched from the command line and return correct results (no missing dlls)
I've narrowed it down the msxml4.dll because if I comment out the include section everything

How to make Eclipse Debug Output always show latest output lines
by sinisterDei in Programming Languages

I'm debugging my PHP application, trying to see what HTML code is being generated while I trace through the code.

Problem is, everytime the Debug Output window fills its window, it scrolls to the top, forcing me to scroll down to view the last few HTML lines generated.

Is there a way to make Debug Output not scroll up ?

The effect I'm after is like doing a t

Running a shell command from Ruby: capturing the output while displaying the output?
by Matt Croydon in Network & Servers

I have a problem.

I want to run a ruby script from another ruby script and capture it's output information while letting it output to the screen too.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
print "Enter your password: "
password = gets.chomp
puts "Here is your password: #{password}"

The script file that I run:


C++ - string.compare issues when output to text file is different to console output?
by Japan in Programming Languages

I'm trying to find out if two strings I have are the same, for the purpose of unit testing. The first is a predefined string, hard-coded into the program. The second is a read in from a text file with an ifstream using std::getline(), and then taken as a substring. Both values are stored as C++ strings.

When I output both of the strings to the console using cout for testing, they bo


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