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How much of the “Objective-C” I'm learning is universal Objective-C, and not Apple's frameworks?
by Luciano Campos in Mobile Programming

This question is related to one of my others about C: What can you do in C without “std” includes? Are they part of “C,” or just libraries?

I've become curious lately as to what is really contained the the core Objective-C language, and what parts of the Objective-C I've done for iPhone/OS X development is specific to Apple platforms.

I know that things like sy

Objective C - UIWebview - Convert javascript text range to objective c object and vice versa
by Pakistan in Javascript

I have a UIWebview in which html content is being displayed. when a user selects a piece of text, I want to save the range of that text using objective c, then recall that saved range at a later stage to reselect the text in the UIWebview.

The closest I could get is the following javascript:

var selection = window.getSelection();
var range = selection.getRangeAt

Objective-C consultation: “Receiver type 'void' is not an Objective-C class” error
by teabagbrewster in Programming Languages

APP_ID and APP_SIGNATURE are defined as:

#define APP_ID @"12345"
#define APP_SIGNATURE @"123456"

I'm new to Objective C and I'm using it to extern some Chartboost code into Unity C#, and I'm here for a little consultation. So please bear with me. Thanks! :D

I have this extern code:

extern "C"
void applic

Including C++ header files in Objective-C++ when they conflict with Objective-C macros
by Lori in C & C++ & C#

In Xcode, I've created a "Cocoa application" project. One of its dependencies is a framework containing C++ code. I renamed AppDelegate.m to AppDelegate.mm and included the framework.

The project fails to compile. The problem is that the C++ header files in the framework are using some symbols that conflict with Objective-C or Cocoa.

The C++ header files are defining func

new to objective-C getting : error: expected selector for Objective-C method
by php in Programming Languages

i try to make simple http request method but when comping im getting this error:

Compiling file main.m ...
In file included from main.m:1:
./HttpManager.h:4:2: error: expected selector for Objective-C method
-<NSURL*> getUrlContent:(NSString) url;
main.m:11:17: warning: instance method '-getUrlContent:' not found (return type defaults to 'id')
Is “Modern Objective-C” really a new version, i.e. Objective-C 2.1?
by Star Gryphon in Programming Languages

In WWDC 2012 Apple introduced new syntax for NSNumber literals and Collection literals, in talk 405 named "Modern Objective-C". I have learned Objective-C from the book on Objective-C 2.0 by Stephen G. Kochan.

Is "Modern Objective-C" going to be Objective-C 2.1, or should the new syntax of Apple be considered as an alternative, Apple-specific syntax (shorthand) for existing construc

local objective vs. shared global objective
by Rob Wright in Web Design

Please see the following manifest. The Activity_1's primary objective has mapInfo refers to
a Shared Global Objective with objective id = gObj-OB01a, but there is not any objective with objective id = gObj-OB01a. Is this manifest correct or not?

<organization identifier = "Course_1">
<title>Course 1 </title>
<item identifier = "activi

Parse/tokenize objective-c with objective-c (iPhone)
by AdamK47 in Development Tools & Services

What are the options available of parsing and/or tokenizing Objective-C on iPhone?

Essentially I'm thinking of parsing/tokenizing enough to power syntax highlighting and autocompletion at somewhat the same level as Xcode does.

How can I use Objective C outside of Apple i.e. open source Objective C?
by takuya in Programming Languages

I would like to start using Objective C for something projects, however I don't want to use any frameworks and libraries that are tied to Apple. What can I use to write portable code across Mac OS X, Linux, and maybe even Windows?

EDIT: I was thinking of very fundamental libraries like the FoundationKit and all that. I want to use Objective C as a language, and I can always use C a

Is there an easy way to convert an Objective-C 2.0 file to Objective-C 1?
by skimple in Development Tools & Services

Is there an easy way to convert an Objective-C 2.0 file to Objective-C 1? I am writing a Cocoa app, and I decided to support Tiger, which doesn't support Obj. C 2.0. I know I should have thought of it before I wrote a whole bunch of code, but is there an easy way to convert it back? Thanks!

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