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How to Set Up an Obstacle Course
by Caveman in Sports & Fitness
This easy-to-make obstacle course is a great way to get kids excited about exercise.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
About 24 Large Used Vegetable Cans
4 Gymnastics Mats
Short Jump Ropes
5 or 6 cardboard boxes
8 hula hoops

Setting UpPlace a short jump rope on the ground at Station 1.
Fill four or fi

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How to Build an RC Car Obstacle Course
by Vinicios in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Remote control cars are a fun hobby as they can be accessorized, raced and augmented, much like full-sized cars but at a lower cost. Driving cars via the remote control is a skill that must be perfected by their owners and operators. One great way to do this is to build an obstacle course for remote control cars to follow and teach operators to perfect turns, speed and driving the car through smal

About Obstacle Courses
by ChristianM in Sports & Fitness
Obstacle courses have been used by the military for many years to train soldiers. Some features of obstacle courses, such as rope climbing, can even be found in schools. Obstacle courses are not only good for a person's physical well-being, but they are also an excellent mental training tool. HistoryObstacle courses are a standard form of training in military forces throughout the world. Early

Obstacle Course Ideas
by Matt Croydon in Sports & Fitness
Obstacle courses provide a simple way to get children out of the house and moving. Use the course as an extra game during party time or as a family-friendly event that gets everyone outside. Obstacle courses typically have different stations, where participants do a specific activity before moving on. This provides ways to turn ordinary items into new activities. Tire RunOld tires are common in

Outside Obstacle Course Ideas
by PokerGuy in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Setting up an obstacle course outside is an easy way to provide your kids with fun exercise. You can create an obstacle course even with things lying around the house--like hurdles made from piles of stuffed animals--or purchase equipment from a store. Either way, you'll want to make sure to encourage a variety of motions, such as crawling, jumping, balancing and running. Balancing ObstaclesBal

How to Cut the Floor Around an Obstacle
by vasil in Home & Garden
Commercial flooring is available in many styles to suit the tastes of do-it-yourselfers who want to install flooring themselves. The difficulty depends largely on the type of flooring; however, at times the floor may need to be cut to accommodate obstacles in the floor, such as support beams. Doing so is not an especially hard task as long as the do-it-yourselfer pays close attention to accurate m

K9 Obstacle Course Specifications
by Liy in Pets
The U.S. Police Canine Association (USPCA) oversees police dog certification through a series of trials. The trials are made up of four sections -- Obedience, Agility, Evidence & Suspect Search, and Criminal Apprehension. The agility test is made up of an obstacle course comprised of five specific obstacles. The owners of working dogs and dog groups use USPCA specifications to build their own obst

Techniques to Overcome an Obstacle
by amiT jaiN in Education
Regardless of genetics, geography or socioeconomic status, it's axiomatic to say that anyone who lives will face challenges or obstacles. From a toddler trying to figure out how to avoid physical obstacles to move from one space to another to a professional searching for a way to get ahead in her career, obstacles come in all sizes and are a part of everyday life. Broadly, there are a few approach

How to Create an Obstacle Course for Cats
by Chaos in Pets
Keeping your cat active is just one method for improving its health and engaging its mind. Active cats are happy cats, and a cat with something constructive to do is less likely to tear up curtains or race around the house to burn off excess energy. If your cat follows a toy around, you can use this to put it through a simple obstacle course. Building an obstacle course depends entirely on how muc

Ideas for a Child's Obstacle Course
by Mytime34 in Sports & Fitness
Obstacle courses provide an opportunity to get children outside and engaged in physical activity in a way that is fun and allows for a bit of competition. Obstacle courses do not have to be long or complex, and you can create many obstacles included in the course from items typically found at home, which makes for an inexpensive activity for birthday parties or everyday fun. Hula Hoop HopPlace

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