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How to add onchange event on dropdown on page load as well as to perform ajax call on its onchange event
by LittleCodeShop in Web Design

I am using HTML and JQuery.

I have got below HTML for the dropdown.

<select onkeydown="if (!document.all) { window.setTimeout(function(e0) { return function() { if (document.forms.length &gt; 0) { document.forms[0].submit(); } } }(this),0) }" onchange="if (document.forms.length &gt; 0) document.forms[0].submit();" name="city" id="departure_city" class="form

How to Use Onchange in VBA
by john3850 in Computers
Using the "OnChange" event in Visual Basics for Applications (VBA) program allows you to execute code when a value is changed in controls such as combo boxes. VBA is a computer programming language used in Microsoft Office applications to automate routine tasks. In Access, create a User Interface (UI) with controls to give the user additional ways to filter their database data. The "Change" event
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Can I set an onChange event using CSS?
by picamiolo in Web Design

I want to have all input elements on my page trigger a function when they change. Can I do it from a CSS?

I tried this:

<STYLE type="text/css">
input {onChange: function() {alert("foo");};}

It didn't work in Google Chrome.

run an onChange on load
by lync-server-2010 in Programming Languages

I have this triple dropdown which works great from


Is it possible to run the function getState below on load as well as having its current onChange? This is for an edit page so some of the dropdowns may have values that need to be already selected. <

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Am I using onchange incorrectly?
by MeldarthX in Web Design

I'm trying to have a value (key) that updates to correspond with a number in a textbox (angle) divided by a value (25). However, for some reason, the changeMe function doesn't seem to be executing. Am I using onchange incorrectly?

<script type="text/javascript">
function changeMe(x)
var y=document.getEleme

How to Use the OnChange Property in VBA
by bdurbin in Computers
Using the “On Change” property in your Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) program can make your application more dynamic by being able to trigger code when values are changing. In Access, you can create user interfaces with controls such as text boxes. You can use the “On Change” property to programmatically execute code when the event is triggered. This property is common

JavaScript onchange() :
by crooter in Programming Languages

i am new to JS and Programming..

i want to learn How to Implement onchange() in a text field in a form and capturing the value of that form field if the value is changed and i want to store that information in a text file, which i can create in php..i already have the text file in which i can use fopen and insert the value. but how to capture and store in some temp variable before w

JSF action from onChange
by postmortemIA in Web Design

I'm trying to set up a data table with JSF that has boxes for row total that will sum the row total onChange of any box in the row. the row looks like:

<tr id="input_row_1">
<td id="mondayInput1">
<h:inputText id="monday1" size="4" value="#{timesheet.monday1}" required="false" />
<!-- <input name="monday1" class="smallInput" type="n

How to use onchange in HTML
by billputer in Web Design

I have two text box in html ie:

<input type="text" value="" id="a" name="a" />
<input type="text" value="" readonly="true" id="b" name="b" />

Now if i enter only a number in element id "a" then the product of inserted number by 2 will be appear in element id "b".

While i m typing a number let say 11 in element "a"

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onchange on dropdownlist
by ChrisMe in Programming Languages

my question is continuation of what i have asked see the link.
Load Country/State/City

i have expand to load my drop downs list from db and i just need a way to wire onchange method in my first dropdownlist and second, please see the code. appreciate any help.

Append latest code:

<select id="country" onchange="getStateByCountryId()"></select


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