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Online Hosting and online SQL database
by Dan Becker in Databases

I am busy creating a asp.net web site and using MS SQl 2008 as the Database.

I am looking for a cloud based hosting solution for both the database and the web site.

I would like to keep the costs down, until more clients are using the system.

What are your experiences and suggestions?

If I can have decent availability and the ability to create bac

How to Earn Extra Money Online, Easy tips to Make Money Online Via The Internet
by alphamars in Careers & Job Searching
Every one can use some extra cash right? There are legitimate ways to
earn money online. Below are 10 tips that will guide you to make
extra money online via the Internet, most of which require minimal time
and effort.Difficulty:EasyInstructions One of the easiest ways to make money online is to sell unwanted items
from your home. Clean out your closet, basement and ju

How to host a TcpClient/listener online (I want to host my chat server online)
by luv2liv in Web Design

I have a chat server that i create for my window phone app. Right now it working on my local computer, how do i make it online so everyone can connect to it.

Chat server:
TcpListener chatServer = new TcpListener(4296);

Chat client:
TcpClient client = new TcpClient("", 4296);

How do i forward the port so i can host it online!

How to Stock Trade Online: Online Stock Trading for Self-Directed Investors
by igv in Internet
An online stock brokerage offers stock trading and investing advice -- just as your local brick-and-mortar brokerage does -- but also allows for anonymity. Plus, with an online account you never need an appointment and have 24/7 access to stock information.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Internet access
Online brokerage account
Investing capital

Stock Trade Online Online Stock Trading

California Online Charter Schools & Online Public Schools
by eskimospy in Education
California, as America's most populous state, educates one of out every eight public school students in the country. During the 2008-09 school year, according to EdSource, the state had 750 charter schools, a number that has increased every year since 1992, but still represents only 4.6 percent of the total student population. Online schools also fall under the label of charter schools, because th

Online SQL work with local page but not online page
by LookBehindYou in Programming Languages

I created a page in PHP

The database is connected online, so when I run the site local / but the sql database connected online
everything works good. But as soon as I run the page Online, and tries to do anything with the database it says

The website encountered an error while retrieving http://www..... It
may be down for maintenance or configu

How to Effective online dating & Online Dating Tips
by Adam May in Internet
The proliferation of online dating sites makes the process of qualifying potential mates fast and efficient. This can be both a good and a bad thing. As one begins using online dating sites they can quickly find themselves deluged with emails and interested parties. To avoid moving to quickly or becoming overloaded with conversations with people who are not your "match" use a good model

How to Get Your W-2 Online
by okhomenko in Legal
Electronic filing is a convenient way of getting through the chore of doing your taxes, so don't settle for paper W-2 forms. Making a request to your employer and completing a simple form, most likely online, can mean that you can receive your end-of-year earnings statements electronically as well in PDF format.
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How to Become an EMT Online
by apaunchev in Careers & Job Searching
Being an emergency medical technician (EMT) can be a rewarding career. Receiving the proper training and education is critical for success as an EMT. A combination of basic coursework combined with hands-on training makes up an EMT's learning experience.
Online EMT training programs are limited in that all EMT programs require some on-site training to become certified. Basic courses may be of
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How to Get Your EMT Online
by Krysole in Health
Emergency medical technicians work in high stress environments. EMTs are often the first health-related crew on the scene during a medical event or crisis. Training for this job requires dedication and a mastery of first aid, dealing with hazardous material and pediatric CPR. Taking all of basic EMT courses online is possible, although taking the EMT certification test must be completed in person.
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