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I am not able to open open-in-jd-gui.sh in my ubuntu terminal.how to use the open-in-jd-gui.sh tar file
by Tom Arleth in Ubuntu

**i want to open open-in-jd-gui.sh this file in ubuntu terminal or execute in eclipse.i have some java class files.but in windows i know that.but in ubuntu how to excute this file.
how to execute the jd-gui-0.3.3linuxi686.tar.gz in ubuntu terminal

How to set Legend with Open Flash Chart 2 graphic using Open source Java API - JOFC?
by Mytime34 in Java

I have a Seam 2.2 app running under JBoss5.1. In this application I have successfully developed some Graphics using Java Open Flash Chart, which is a Java API for Open Flash Chart.

Now I would like to add a X and Y legend like this one.

Well I have a graphic which is rendering properly and than I try to set X Label using:

chart.setXLegend(new Text("L

Can I use window.open to open an existing php file and pass a javascript variables to that php page?
by Matt Brewer in Javascript

I have some JavaScript variable in the parent browser window and now I want to open a new window(an existing php file) by clicking a certain button and pass those variable to the opened page. I know I can achieve that by GET method and I just wonder if there is a clearer way I can do it so I don't have to append the variable value at the end of the URL. I also searched on google and SO, someone

How to show “Open In…” when a user tries to open email attachments in iOS
by rgmarcha in Mobile Programming

I've seen some iOS apps have this function:
When a user tries to open an email attachment, they can press and hold on the attachment for a couple of seconds, and a popup menu will appear displaying two buttons. One button reads "Open in iBooks" (for example). When user clicks it, then the app will be run and open the attachment.

I would like to know how to register my applicati

Python file open/close everytime vs keeping it open until the process is finished
by South Korea in Programming Languages

I have about 50 GB of text file and I am checking the first few characters each line and writing those to other files specified for that beginning text.

For example.
my input contains:


So, I want to process them in cow, dog and c

Android - Open button in google play doesn't open application after install
by cashshadow in Programming Languages

i encountered an issue in google play.

the flow is as follow:

enter google play
select my application
click Install
waiting for the install to finish
returning to the application page in google play
i see Uninstall button and Open button.
clicking the Open button doesn't do anything

I can open the application from the device, but seems

File name coming wrong when clicking open in save/Open Dialog
by GAM3RIG in Programming Languages

I have a download button , on click of it I get a prompt asking for save/open .

if i click on save, file saves with proper name (as specified in header by content-disposition),
but if i click on opens it open with a different name( the name of my action class).

i want it to open with same name as specified in header.

can someone help me with this, I am

How to open a file in “append” mode using open ? fopen?
by qba73 in Programming Languages

In order to write to a new file , I do the following :

// some code
pfd[i][0] = open(argv[j+1],O_CREAT|O_WRONLY,0600);

Questions :

Is there a difference between using open or fopen ?

How can I use open for opening an existing file in append mode ?


jQuery datepicker is stuck open if label is clicked from open state
by soulcougher73 in Programming Languages

I use the jQuery UI Datepicker plugin and I found that if the plugin is open and the user clicks a label element setting focus to the field which the datepicker is bound to, the blur event fires, thus the datepicker fades out. This is immidiately followed by the focus event, fading the datepicker back in. However, when the blur event fires again, the datepicker dialog remains open when the inpu

How to detect the current open webbrowser and open new page in that same browser using Python?
by Harry Truman in Programming Languages

I am making a website where I am using some html forms, which passes the values to a python script and in return the python script opens a new page/tab in the web browser. I am using the webbrowser module for it.

Although I can choose the default browser or any other browser using "webbrowser.get([name])"; but my concern is, as this will be a public webpage, so anyone can open the page in an

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