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Authlogic OpenID error: uninitialized constant OpenIdAuthentication::InvalidOpenId
by znotdead in Programming Languages

Using authlogic 2.1.3, and authlogic-oid 1.0.4 I receive the following error as soon as rails hits a controller making a request to an OpenID provider:

uninitialized constant OpenIdAuthentication::InvalidOpenId

I also have the following installed:

rack-openid (0.2.1)
ruby-openid (2.1.7)
rails/open_id_authentication plugin

Gems in en

open_id_authentication - “OpenIdAuthentication.store is nil. Using in-memory store.” problem
by jeffrey in Programming Languages

I am trying to make the open_id_authentication plugin working.
Initially was doing it with authlogic but abandoned because it feels like much more hassle the help.

The problem is that I am getting OpenIdAuthentication.store is nil. Using in-memory store. warning in the log which prevents from authenticating users correctly.

Here is the log snippet:


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